“Remember, democracy never lasts long.  It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.  There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.”
– John Adams

    The American “dream” is intact.  Philosophically, such dreams are “possibilities”.
They are neither true nor false in themselves.  They are testable and realizable.  Reality is the measure of their meaning, truth, and value.  The American dream, like any other, can not be left in the murky substrata of dreaminess--nor lost to the self-serving quests for power and authority demonstrated by our misguided leaders--but must be brought to the light of day, again and yet again.  Further, each time that dream lapses back into carelessness or forgetfulness, those menacing intrusions negate the realization of the dream. This is such a “moment of intrusion”. While news-persons and TV pundits now lament that crises in the Middle East may lead to another “Arab Spring”, this is a time when we must beware the “American Spring.”

    Our misguided and contentious leaders have joisted with each other, while warning “We the People” to “Beware the Fiscal Cliff” and “Prepare for the Govern-ment Shutdown”.  Then, they brazenly raised our anxiety in proportion to their puffed passion for themselves.  Lovers and guardians of freedom must be alarmed at the prospect that democracy’s promissory note might get called!  Am I being alarmist and melodramatic?  Well, sounding the alarm and raising consciousness of imposing threat and impending danger are significant features of vigilance. There is no contradiction in the belief that the “new venture”—now nearly 243 years old and a little time-worn—could profit from critical examination and renewal.  

    All the while they phone campaign contributors for still more money to wrest power from each other and prepare for the next primaries—they fail to govern!

    Maybe we should build a “wall” around DC and not let them out until they govern for the best interest and protection of the American people and our shared future.

    “Beware the American Spring” is derived from Education and American Democracy, a two volume interdisciplinary work-in-progress by James W. Thomasson, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Woodside Center for Interdisciplinary Studies, Crookston, MN.  woodside1@gvtel.com