Get started on your spring cleaning before snow melts

Spring cleaning. Some see it as the dreadful chore of decluttering, dusting, and deep-cleaning behind places that were neglected all winter long. Then again, some see it as a rejuvenating time of getting rid of unneeded/unwanted items, bringing more sunlight through the freshly-cleaned windows, and being able to enjoy your spaces once more. This spring, instead of waiting until the snow melts (which we all know could be a while in our neck of the woods), start spring cleaning now. By the time you’re done and the snow is actually gone, you can sit back and relax in the cleanliness. Don’t forget to donate what could be reused by someone that needs it!

Don’t forget how the school drop-off line works

Sure, the time change is messing with all of us. We gained an extra hour of sunlight, but it also makes us feel like we’re constantly late for everything including dropping our kids off for school. Then comes Monday morning. Are people too tired to remember how the school drop-off works? Perhaps, so here’s your reminder: You get in line, pull up to the farthest spot when you’re in front, have your kids get out with their backpacks and winter gear in a timely manner, do your quick “I love you” and “Have a good day”, and move on so others in line behind you can also have time to get to work. It’s pretty simple, really. Plus, both elementary schools are lucky enough to have people that greet your children and most times escort them inside if they need assistance. Let’s try to remember this process so we can all leave the parking lot with a lower stress level.

Time to retire ‘Stay in your lane’

Maybe we're missing something, and the request that a person "stay in" his or her "lane" dates back decades. But the thinking here is that it probably doesn't; this is a more contemporary response that has nothing to do with driving a vehicle but has everything to do with a person reacting to or commenting on something that the person may not be directly involved in or an expert on. A few years ago the phrase "stay in your lane" really got traction when famous singers, athletes and actors decided to speak their mind, mostly about politics. Those who disagreed with them replied with "stay in your lane." First of all, this is the United States of America and no one stays in their lane. Second of all, with social media, when someone strays from their lane, everyone is going to hear about it. So can we stop asking the impossible? It's about as original a saying as a play by play sports announcer shouting "Are you kidding me!?" when something exciting happens during the game. Let’s retire "stay in your lane."

End of the curse? KAT’s ACL isn’t torn

OK, so we can all agree that the Minnesota Timberwolves are a cursed franchise. The evidence supporting this case is insurmountable and overwhelming. But maybe things are looking up. Maybe during the upcoming off-season they'll find a taker for underachiever Andrew Wiggins, and maybe Ryan Saunders will lose his "interim" tag, or maybe another coach that is not Tom Thibodeau will be hired. The strongest sign that the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming train occurred in this past Saturday night's game, an overtime winner over the Washington Wizards. T-Wolves star Karl Anthony Towns twisted his knee, limped ominously off the court, and was seen in the sideline a moment later saying, "It popped." Doom-and-gloom Wolves fans naturally assumed the worst, that something in his knee was torn, most likely is ACL. But word came Sunday that Towns avoided a serious knee injury. Curse...over? No, probably not. But maybe it's days are numbered.

It’s The Players week, and Tiger needs to play

Tiger Woods pulled out of one of his favorite PGA tournaments last Thursday, Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Classic, because of a sore neck. After spinal fusion surgery, what Woods has been able to accomplish on the course is amazing, and it's re-energized golf fandom. This week, what is often called the "Fifth Major," The Players Championship, will be played at legendary TPC Sawgrass in Ponta Vedra Beach, Florida. It's an exciting, entertaining tournament no matter who is, or isn't, playing, but here's hoping Woods' neck loosens up so he can play.