It’s tax time and again as in years before I will supply facts as to how our money is used, in 2019. Sixty percent of the proposed $1.19 trillion fiscal year 2019 budget will go to the Department of Defense (the Pentagon). This is an increase of 4 percent from 2018. Twenty-one departments/agencies will have to split the remaining 40 percent. Clearly, military spending dwarfs all others.

    This huge military spending is to continue to police the world, fund and maintain hundreds of military bases in countries throughout the world and add even more wealth to weapons-makers and death-merchants. The Pentagon is the number one polluter on the planet and major contributor to climate change, the cataclysmic event so firmly in place now and in the future.

    While the military industrial complex gets richer, these shameful facts of neglect, cruelty and inequality continue in America.

    • The United States is the only industrialized country in the world without universal health care.

    • The $4.4 trillion cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over 17 years would have provided universal health care for all Americans those same 17 years.

    • In 2018, 25 percent of America’s seniors filed bankruptcy because of medical costs or were forced to sell their primary residence.

    • An “honored” veteran commits suicide every 65 minutes. Of these, 75 percent are over 50 years old.

    • The United States has the highest rate of childhood poverty in the world; one in three children live in poverty.

    • The average college loan debt accrued per year, per student was $31,000, yet the United States ranks 23rd in sciences, 31st in math and 32nd in literacy versus all industrialized countries.

    To conclude, the spending of 60 percent of our federal tax money on the military at the expense of medical care and education is unconscionable and so cruel and wrong in a “democracy” – a society with equality of rights and privileges.

    Climate change is a cataclysmic fact so affecting all of life. It is and m ust be THE issue. All countries urgently need to be involved for whatever it takes to diminish the damage we have caused – Human behavior: Corporate control, greed and military madness must end.

    Peace, love, understanding and care for all nature/life is what we want/need to do now and always.

    Bless Mother Nature.