The Polk County Highway Department would like to thank all the individuals that go out of their way who have helped us this winter. Many times we have come up to areas of deep snow blocking the roadway and a local farmer or rural resident have been out on the road with a blower to open up the driving lanes.

    Our plow operators have stated many times that they don’t think they would have made it through without the help of somebody blowing out the drift.      

    As winter keeps roaring upon us we would like to remind all residents and travelers to have patience. The crew is working long hours day and night and we have breakdowns from time to time as well.

    We would like to remind everyone to listen to the weather, when they say no travel advised it is for a reason. If you are stranded on the road you are putting your life and others at risk as well.

    Thank you again!

Maintenance Superintendent Rand Huot
On behalf of the Polk County
Highway Maintenance Department