Thank you to the generous donors who made Giving Hearts Day 2019 the greatest day of giving in the RiverView Foundation’s history! On Feb. 14th, 422 donations totaled $365,712 to help RiverView Health continue its mission of providing exceptional care.

    Not only were the Foundation’s grand total and number of donations record-setters, but more RiverView employees donated this year than ever before; 211 dedicated employees contributed nearly $38,000. The Foundation also ranked in the top 10 in its category for giving, earning it additional incentive grants. More than 450 non-profits participated in this year’s 24-hour fundraiser for non-profits.

    Your commitment to your health and the health of your community makes it possible for RiverView to start new programs, purchase life-saving equipment, establish funds, attain expertise, and soon start the Hospital and Clinic Replacement Project, titled “RiverView 2020: Our Vision is Clear’’.

    Many donors requested their gifts go toward the upcoming building project. Undesignated funds will also go toward the project, with a groundbreaking to take place this spring.

    The new, two-story facility will consist of 81,000 square feet. The top floor of the new build, with a view of the Red Lake River on the east and Castle Park on the west, will house a patient-centered, family-inclusive Inpatient Unit with 21 patient rooms and four family suites. The ground level will be home to all three of RiverView’s current Crookston clinics consolidated into one large clinic with one entrance and a registration area just steps from the front door. The new clinic will have 47 patient exam rooms, patient education rooms, and well-equipped spaces for in-clinic procedures.

    The facility will also offer other amenities, including a meditation chapel, lobby café, relocated gift shop, and an 80-occupant training and conference center.

    The total cost of the project is estimated at $47 million, with the Foundation committed to raising at least $2 million.

    As the Foundation Board of Directors, we assure you RiverView Foundation’s operating expenses are supported by interest earned on Board-designated endowments given to support and sustain the works of the Foundation.

    This allows contributions, including your Giving Hearts Day donation, to be completely dedicated to enhancing and growing medical services and not absorbed in the day-to-day operations of the Foundation.

    Giving Hearts Day is a powerful movement of caring people coming together to help others by making an online donation to support projects that will provide the greatest benefits to the highest number of patients. We thank you for being a part of this important program, and for your continued support of the RiverView Health Foundation.

Marcia Schoenborn,

Michelle Snyder
Christian Kiel
Kurt Heldstab
Sue Westrom
Ingrid Remick
Margaret (Maggie) Bryn
Amy Ellingson
Jerry Lindsay
Marilyn Wentzel
The RiverView Foundation Board of Directors