Get a NACTA car wash

While this is in no way a criticism of any car wash operation in Crookston, this is an endorsement of the car wash fundraiser offered by University of Minnesota Crookston students involved in NACTA. That stands for North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture, and every year UMN Crookston students travel to a national competition. April 10-12, they’re heading to Murray State University in Kentucky. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, you can make an appointment and for 30 minutes the students will make your vehicle look insanely good. We're talking a wash and wax on the exterior and vacuuming and detailing on the interior. It costs $20. Email Neka at to make an appointment.

Check out rescheduled We Are Water events this week

We Are Water MN, the traveling exhibit that explores the connections between humanities and water, at public events and educator resources, will hold their final group events Monday and Tuesday at UMN Crookston after having to reschedule due to winter weather at the beginning of the month. Monday’s Agricultural Water Forum will look at the science of vegetative buffers, water movement through drain tile and ongoing water quality research efforts. Tuesday’s Family Night will have activities for students preschool to 8th grade. Don’t worry, if you can’t make either event, you can still pop by the exhibit through March 4. It’s free and open to the public, so bring the whole crew.

Less fan frustration, courtesy of the Gopher men’s basketball team

For Minnesota sports fans, is there a more frustrating team to watch than Gopher men's basketball? This seems like a pretty talented squad, and coach Richard Pitino is off the charts when it comes to likeability. But it just seems like they under-perform at the exact time they need to get a win that they're supposed to get. Sunday at Rutgers was another classic example in which the Gophers played down to an inferior opponent. Then, stud senior Jordan Murphy makes an absolutely head-scratcher play in the closing seconds, and it's game over, and another crippling loss. Do the Gophers deserve an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament? Absolutely. But watch them not get in because their performance on the court has left too much room for doubt. Some plucky, small conference team will get in instead, and get routed in the first round.

DFL Gov. Walz and Republicans try to play nice

Looks like the honeymoon is over for first-term Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz. He put forth a budget proposal last week that was heavy on a variety of investments in the state, which drew the ire of Republican legislators, but that's just the beginning. Unlike his predecessor Mark Dayton, who oversaw two legislative houses controlled by Republican majorities, Walz is perhaps feeling a bit more emboldened because Democrats control the House. Either way, he wants "responsible" gun control legislation, which, as you might expect, has drawn a negative response. At a pro-Second Amendment rally Saturday, a Republican state legislator Carl Bahr, at the podium, said that gun control advocates and those who believe in universal background checks on firearm purchases should be “kicked to the curb and stomped on and run over.” Nice. Real nice. Indeed, what you see getting smaller in your rear-view mirror is Walz's honeymoon period. Both sides talked about a willingness to compromise early on, but that road is fraught with harrowing obstacles, like Bahr, who has no business being in the legislative business.

Keep Facebook around for news, events, etc.

Some say Facebook is the new dinosaur of social media among people ages 16-25, but it has its good qualities that prove it worthy enough to keep around. Take the Crookston Daily Times Facebook page for example. It has newsworthy posts, photos and links going up multiple times daily, and, with over 4,200 “likes” and growing, it’s a good page to keep handy for breaking news, sports, entertainment, and announcements. If you own a business, Facebook is free advertising for specials and new products. If you’re hosting an event, post it for free and share it around to groups that allow it. Need to sell something or looking to buy? Facebook’s Marketplace and sell / swap groups make it easy to post. And we can’t forget about Facebook’s birthday reminders. How else would we know to wish someone well? Keep Facebook around. It’s still relevant and comes in clutch when you need it.