Dear Seventh Congressional District Delegates and Alternates,

    I, Raquel Halstad, would like to thank my fellow Minnesota Republicans for being involved. As we look forward to the future of our counties, communities, and elections, I feel it is important to know and to care about our local offices. I personally am passionate about seeing our local government thrive in helping keep our grounded values, morals, and policies.

    After much consideration, prayer and encouragement, I have decided to run for Deputy Chair.

    I have been privileged to be a part of such a great Party that wants to see not only the whole State of Minnesota win, but one of the greatest Districts win the elections to turn MN Red! Congressional District Seven is a very dynamic and influential part of Minnesota, and I believe with the right motivation and determination we can and will see great results in our elections.

    I have served in our District for years and doing so I have the opportunity to serve as BPOU Polk County Republicans Chair as well as a CD7 Delegate, State Central Delegate, and former BPOU Secretary.

    I ask for your support and your vote for Deputy Chair at the next Convention on March 23rd in Redwood Falls!

    Thank you all for your support,

Raquel Halstad
Fertile, Minnesota
BPOU Polk County Republicans chair