Cheers to the Twin Cities for having the snowiest February ever and Jeers to a stunning lack of judgment at cheerleading banquet at Wisconsin school

Cheers to the Twin Cities for having the snowiest February ever

    They’re already up to 10th on the list for having the snowiest month any time of the year in the Twin Cities, but Wednesday’s morning snow pushed them ahead of the snow record set back in 1962 to have the snowiest February ever. Their total is now up to 30.4” and counting.

    The last time the TC saw over 30 inches of snow in a single month, the Metrodome roof collapsed.

    Wednesday, the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport received 7.8 inches by noon. Hundreds of schools across Minnesota canceled or delayed classes and Minnesota State Patrol reported more than 300 crashes and spinouts on state roads. They declared snow emergencies Wednesday and are preparing for more snow Friday and Saturday.

    If they get about seven more inches of snow in the next week, the month of February could be the snowiest the metro has experienced in more than 30 years. Their top snowiest month was November 1991 in the wake of the 1991 Halloween Blizzard. Their least snowy month was February 2017.

    And up here in Northwest Minnesota? We stopped counting, right?

    Actually, we have 30.06” according to the National Weather Service who gets their measurements from the Crookston Municipal Airport. Hang in there, Minnesotans. Winter has to end sometime…

– Assistant Editor Jess Bengtson

Jeers to a stunning lack of judgment at cheerleading banquet at Wisconsin school

    Lack of judgment from a year ago has come back to haunt a high school in Kenosha, Wis. In March of 2018, coaches of the cheerleading squad at Tremper High School handed out conventional awards and regular high school banquet festivities took place. Then the coach did something which caused a number of eyebrows to elevate. The coach announced three awards titled the “Big Booty Award,” the “Big Boobie Award” and the “String Bean Award.”

    This is the sort of mindlessness one prays is a joke. But alas, body-shaming can apparently come from the ones in a position of authority somewhere as innocent as a high school.

    To make matters worse, the coach, Patti Uttech, defended the awards claiming lightheartedness and no malice.

    Even if 100 percent of the people in the room enjoyed the awards and agree with Uttech, such an act is repulsive and inappropriate. What team member who wins the award and does not appreciate it is likely to speak up when it will go against the popular opinion? Drawing attention to minors for their physical features, private features no less, will never and should never be accepted.

    Just stick to the age-old high school banquet awards: most improved, MVP, hardest working, etc. Literally anything that does not point out body parts. It is not a difficult concept. One would think an adult possesses enough common sense to know this.

    To anyone who defends the coach’s actions and wants to protest and cry in the streets about too much political correctness in the world, find a different take. It is lazy and boring.

– Sports Editor Nolan Beilstein