Cheers to Nick Garmen continuing to raise the bar for Pirate boys’ basketball and Jeers to places that don’t clear snow for frequent visitors in wheelchairs

Jeers to places that don’t clear snow for frequent visitors in wheelchairs

    This winter has been especially trying on the sick, the elderly, the disabled, children, parents of young children, and, well, everyone. Snow never seems to stop, the cold comes and goes, and travel time is slowed with the “iffy” road conditions.

    For the most part, businesses are keeping up with shoveling and salt-spreading so their customers can safely enter and exit their establishments but there are some key places in town that need to work a little harder for their frequent visitors in wheelchairs.

    Imagine being a caregiver who has to bring their friend or family member in a wheelchair in and out of their home, whether that be at a house, apartment, or an assisted living facility, and to the hospital or clinic for an appointment. Not only is it difficult to get them from their home to the car, but then outside the car to the doors of the hospital or clinic, too. Add snow and ice to the mix and it’s not the funnest thing in the world.

    If a person lives in an assisted living facility, typically, those places have paid building & grounds workers who are in charge of snow removal. Same goes for the hospitals and clinics. Wouldn’t one think that those places would have some of the clearest entrances/exits in town being as some of their most frequent visitors require the use of a wheelchair?

    How easy do you think it is to push someone in a wheelchair when there’s packed snow on the way to the door? It’s not. Please do your part and keep on top of the snow removal. Those caregivers and wheelchair-bound visitors will thank you.

– Assistant Editor Jess Bengtson

Cheers to Nick Garmen continuing to raise the bar for Pirate boys’ basketball

    The Crookston Pirates boys’ basketball team owns a record of 8-12, and a large part of those eight wins comes from Nick Garmen (Sr. F). Not only has Garmen led the team in points on numerous occasions, the senior is putting up rather impressive numbers, reaching milestones and setting school records along the way.

    In the 2017-2018 season, Garmen finished the 28-game campaign with 330 points, which ranked third on the team. This season, through 20 games, Garmen has tallied 422 with six games to go in the regular season.

    On January 18, Garmen scored his 1,000th career point. On January 28, he broke the school record for made three-pointers in a career previously held by Ryan Porter set in 2015. On February 1, Garmen passed Steele Senske, who played from 1985-1988, to take the number four spot for total points in a Pirate career. Finally, on February 12, Garmen scored 40 points in a single game, the second most by a Pirate.

    The Crookston Pirates have three more games left in the regular season before they compete in the Section 8AA Tournament. Once the season comes to an end and Garmen graduates, he will attend North Dakota State University and study agronomy. He does not plan to play collegiate basketball.

– Sports Editor Nolan Beilstein