I’m writing as one of our local Ag leaders in support of the Line 3 replacement project and the hope that construction on this important infrastructure project can begin later this year.       

    It is important for our communities and our farmers that we support safe energy transportation and keep as much oil in pipelines as possible rather than on oil trains that put our commodities and communities at risk.

    This has been one of the most studied pipeline proposals in the state’s history, and after dozens of public meetings and thousands of citizen comments, and careful consideration of a voluminous record, the Minnesota PUC issued permits confirming a need to replace the pipeline by unanimous decision and issued a route informed in part by a thorough and robust environmental impact statement.

    This project is a $2 billion plus private investment on the part of Enbridge and will create jobs while also replacing aging infrastructure with newer and more advanced technology that is safer and will better protect the environment.  

    We need to get this project moving!

Bennett Osmonson
East Polk County Farm Bureau president
Rural Gully, Minnesota