I really think the Republicans are out to get me, like a lot of other people. How they are getting me this time is that I’m a part-time federal employee needing to supplement my Social Security to pay for essentials like food, heating fuel and healthcare expenses dealing with my disabilities.

    And, I just got a USDA Rural Development loan to repair, weatherize and install an energy efficient furnace for my home. I contracted with 3 other people to do the work. USDA has shut down so I can’t make timely loan payments affecting my credit. I can’t pay the contractor for these repairs from my loan funds held by a USDA bank.

    The hang up is “Trumps Wall” which is another one of those big, fat Republican lies about protecting us from “an invasion”. This “crisis” was first triggered by human traffickers, funded by anonymous supporters like Trump’s Russians, to influence the 2018 midterm elections. And when that didn’t scare people tired of these Republican lies, we get “crisis” shoved in our face to justify “Tumps’s Wall” And all of that is just to distract us from the beginnings of House impeachment hearings against Trump for his corruption and treason.

    The Democrats want a common-sense solution. Process through those immigrants who can fill empty jobs in our country and grow the economy. Keep the bad ones out with funding affective border barriers and surveillance. They can also look at how we solve the problem of illegal aliens already here, already filling jobs, but in hiding and burdening our social welfare system.

    Too many voting for Republicans in this last election probably still are just hunky dory with Trump selling out our country and ruining our economy. Hunky voters like Trump because he never compromises or will destroy the deal. Dory voters like him because he promises to force sex and pregnancies on unwilling women. Republican leaders like North Dakota Senators Cramer and Hoeven and Representative Armstrong are hunky dory Trump loyalists with all of this.

    If Trump’s “national emergency” becomes a never-ending Marshall Law to finalize destruction of American Democracy, don’t be surprised when Cramer, Hoeven and Armstrong become American Oligarchs in a Russian Czarist throwback economy.

    Will that still be hunky dory for Republican voters? Will they still be better off when it is an everybody-for-themselves civilization? Will they see the light then and never vote for any Republican again if only because they’ve lost the chance to vote?