The Times' Newsroom staff weigh in on what they'd like to see happen this week

Condolences to Duluth PD after loss of K-9 officer

During a standoff in Duluth Sunday with a felony domestic assault suspect, a K-9 partner was killed after the suspect started shooting at officers. During the gunfire, the officer returned fire on the suspect who was later found dead when officers gained access to his home. K-9 “Haas” just celebrated his third birthday on January 5, had worked with the Duluth Police Department since the spring of 2017, and died protecting his handler and other officers. Haas was said to be at the top of his class in training and was trained to detect drugs and evidence, and to track and find people. “Run free over the rainbow bridge, Haas. Your sacrifices will never be forgotten,” read a Facebook post by the Minnesota Police News Connection. R.I.P., Haas. Thank you for your service.

Kick it up a notch in the kitchen

Have you ever watched Kids Baking Championship or Chopped on Food Network? On KBC, kids go head-to-head making the same thing, but in their perspective to try to move on to the next round and the finale for a chance at a huge cash prize. On Chopped, participants get a basket of random food items and have to create a dish from what they’ve been given… also trying to move to the next round. Why not kick it up in the kitchen and take on a family member to see who can cook or bake the best dish? Kids love to be included in the kitchen and easy things like kabobs or sandwiches are a simple challenge. Your spouse or significant other might also like to compete for bragging rights.

Time for some new blood, and a first Super Bowl title for Andy Reid

This Sunday is Conference Championship Sunday in the National Football League, and for many NFL fans, it's more exciting than the Super Bowl itself. And who can blame them? Talk to players and coaches who have been there before and they'll tell you that just getting to the Super Bowl is almost bigger than actually playing in it. So how about some new blood this year, huh? We admire and respect the dynasty the Patriots have created in a league built to have parity, but many fans are simply bored with their success. And the Saints? There's respect there, too, but Vikings fans will never forgive the Saints, correct? So let's have a Chiefs vs. Rams Super Bowl, and here's hoping electric quarterback Patrick Mahomes can give coach Andy Reid his first championship.

Time to put ‘Flossing’ in our collective rear-view mirror

A video of a teenage girl attending a Catholic mass over the holidays got some traction on social media because, as she stood to recite some sort of prayer, she broke into her own little version of the "Macarena" dance. It was innocent and cute and not offensive and no one around her even seemed to notice. It was enough to make a person nostalgic for that Latin-flavored dance craze from several years ago that exploded into a worldwide phenomenon, but then everyone got sick to death of it, especially considering today's version of the Macarena is the "Floss" or "Flossing." Can we put this dance in our rear-view mirror, too? We don't need children teaching it to old people, we don't need everyone "Flossing" in TV commercials, and we don't need any more videos posted of anything having anything to do with Flossing. When it comes to dances, we're long overdue for moving onto the next big thing.

Good luck to Crookston High School students as first semester wraps up

Crookston School District 593 celebrates the end of first semester this week. For some students, the end of the semester means changed schedules and the beginning of new classes. But for most students, the end of the semester means finals. The remaining days of the semester are used as cramming time by students to make sure their grades stay where they want them to. Projects are due, essays need to be turned in, and it’s the end of the first half of the year. There’s only one more semester of high school for the seniors, and only one semester until summer. Students have a day off on Monday, January 21, the school is closed for teacher workshops and Martin Luther King Jr Day.                                              

– Anna Huck, student writer