Do good work, legislature

The 2019 Minnesota Legislative Session is about to convene, and isn't it something that our state is the only one in the entire nation home to legislative houses with split leadership. The Republicans enjoy a slim Senate majority, the House is led by Democrats, and there's a DFLer as governor, in first-termer Tim Walz. So how will the session shake out? Well, once again, we're left hoping that the reasonable and respectable things Republicans and Democrats have been saying to each other and about each other in the weeks leading up to this week don't evaporate once the gavel is pounded. There's a budget to craft and pass, a $1.5 billion projected surplus to address, and much more work to be done. Minnesotans would be happy just to see important work getting done from day one and throughout the session, instead of everything getting crammed into the last days, hours, minutes and even seconds of the session's final day. Get to work, people.

Take your #siouxforever business elsewhere

Heard of Love Your Melon? They’re an apparel brand dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer as well as supporting nonprofit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer; they donate half of their profit. Well, they revealed their most recent beanie for the University of North Dakota Fighting Hawks on Facebook and you better believe 99% of the comments were about the “real” logo. People said, “I’d buy this is if it had the real Sioux logo”, “Take the stupid bird off it and put the actual logo on and I’d buy 10” and other nonsense. This author thinks people are missing the point and will never get over the loss of “their” logo. (Did you even go to school there?) Sure, social media makes it easy to unleash your “Sioux Forever” talk, but if you don’t like what they’re selling take your business elsewhere. Especially when this company is actually trying to do good in the world.

Check out this week’s events at the Crookston Public Library

Starting with family trivia Monday evening, the Crookston Library has a packed schedule of events this week. The Friends of the Crookston Library will provide snacks and prizes for families interested in competing at the Family Trivia event Monday, plus they’ll start having trivia the first Monday of each month each with a different theme. Then, Tuesday, just in time for taxes, H&R Block’s Melissa Weiland will host a workshop for adults that have questions on the 2019 tax season. On Wednesday, also known as 2W day when public school kids have an early release, the library will have craft day for kids ages 7-12 where they’ll make a no-sew penguin. To wrap up the week of fun, on Saturday, they’ll have a sewing, quilting and crafting day to finish your unfinished projects or participate in the small craft provided.

Appreciation, and use of UMC’s Natural History Area

Let's face it it, if you're going to live in northern Minnesota, you better possess at least a slight affinity for cold weather and frozen white precipitation accumulating on the ground. If you're going to get out during the winter to get some fresh air and exercise, there's a decent chance you're going to have skates, snowshoes or skis on your feet, and if it's the latter two and you don't feel like traveling far, UMN Crookston's Natural History Area, west of the campus across U.S. Highway 2, is about as good as it gets. There are trails, trees, birds and wildlife, and it's all right on the edge of town. Pull up to the gate, park, stroll on in and see for yourself. This is our land-grant university, and the Natural History Area is here for you, for us.

Students, start gearing up for the ACT

The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States. Crookston High School uses the online OnToCollege with John Baylor prep. John Baylor’s enthusiastic approach has changed the way students approach the test and is proven to raise the scores. Each student taking the test receives a binder filled with information packets and worksheets to assist them in preparing for the test. The ACT includes 5 separate test segments; English: 45 minutes, Math: 60 minutes, Reading: 35 minutes, Science: 35 minutes, and Writing: 40 minutes. The writing segment is optional, but CHS students will be taking all 5 test segments. Students of all ages are welcome to take the ACT, although it is most common for juniors and seniors to take and retake. The test takes over three and a half hours. Your ACT score is taken into consideration by the colleges you apply to. It is best for students to try their best and retake if they feel it necessary. The highest compost score you can get is a 36. Minnesota students scored last year above the national average of 20.8 with an average score of 21.3. Good luck to CHS students preparing for the test.                                

                                   – Anna Huck, student writer