Now that the primary election season has come to a close and my life has returned to semi-normal, it is time to thank those who helped me beome elccted as the Ward 4 City Council representative.  

    First and foremost, thank you to my wife, Mary, and family, Who worked tirelessly to help ensure my success.

    To the great folks at YeOle Print Shop, thanks for your hard and timely work.

    To all of my friends of ward 4 who helped distribute campaign information.

    Thank you to all of those who were in charge at the polling stations and those at voter registration and the board of elections. Without you, the system doesn’t work.

    To those who showed their support by letting me place my signs in your yard and mowing around them for a few weeks, thank you.

    And especially to the people of Ward 4, who I met at their doorstep and took the time to talk with me.  Remember, feel free to contact me as I am open to listen to your concerns and suggestions. thank you.     

    I pledge to work hard to keep our neighborhood safe; focus on future growth,while preserving the past; and work to unify our community with strategic planning and fiscal responsibility.