I got my “PROPOSED TAXES 2019” last week. When I got past the sticker shock and considered the “culture of dependency” driving up taxes for my neighbors, friends, and myself, it wasn’t the Democrats that were doing it. It was Republicans.

    Republicans prefer their “no new taxes” oath over their oath of office to support the U.S. and State Constitutions. What this has become is that the real “culture of dependency” is between Republicans and their fat-cat corporate patrons. Republican candidates get heavy campaign donations and in turn give large tax breaks and taxpayer subsidized business loans to these fat-cats on the lie “to create jobs.”

    All this does is drive up the cost of getting good employees to work in nursing homes, schools, and other main street businesses. And that in turn increases the costs of goods and services for all the rest of us.

    Our State Constitution requires tax monies to be spent on such things like education, highways and other needed government services like pollution control and other agencies that level the playing field. During the last few years, Republicans have welched on all of this. For instance, one estimate is that over 164,000 skilled job openings exist in Minnesota because our education system lacks resources to provide the training.

    Instead Republicans have engaged in divide and conquer politics to win elections and load up the rest of us with taxes the rich should be paying.

    Representatives Deb Kiel and Dan Fabian bitterly complain that they did not get invited to be part of Governor-elect Walz’s “One Minnesota” transition advisory board. But Governor-Elect Walz showed good sense to talk directly to people here in northwest Minnesota. Why deal with Republicans like Kiel or Fabian who represent somebody else?

Erwin Rud
Fosston, Minnesota