Yes, we'd like to grow enrollment, but the fact is that Crookston has become a smaller school.

   At the conclusion of last night’s (Tuesday, Nov. 13) school board meeting, I made a statement that concerned our (ISD 593) size, based on student enrollment.  In effect, I said that we are becoming smaller, and I used our monthly enrollment data to substantiate my point.  We have only one grade, (8th) that is over 100 students.  Compare this, if you will, with the fact that in 1973, when I began my teaching career here, we were graduating 200 or more students each year frequently.

    Recently, I have blamed open enrollment and post secondary option for this, in fact, I've been strident about it.  However, the fact of the matter is that we have become a smaller school.  In addition to the above, this fits the demographic pattern of Greater Minnesota, as our population migrates toward more urban centers. But, as I attempted to state last night, there are huge benefits to this as well.  I guess that in some ways, I've looked at it the wrong way.

    I based that revised observation last night on the presentation of our Industrial Technology people, who took us all on a tour of their facilities.  Travis, Mike and Amy showed us all what they have to offer.  I don't understand much of this in detail, (former English teacher,) but I was hugely impressed.

    I'm still concerned with our outward migration because I don't understand it, but as I said last night, the end result of all this is that we've become a small school. And, I believe strongly, for these reasons and others, for example orchestra, electives and diversity, that we are the best small school in Minnesota.  Please allow me to shout to you; THE BEST SMALL SCHOOL IN MINNESOTA.