What qualities make a great mayor?

    Crookston, like any community, will benefit from a mayor with solid character and the willingness to move the City Council forward appropriately and respectfully.  In my work on more than a half-dozen community initiatives since 2014, Clayton Briggs has stood out to me as a person who meets the requirements for a great mayor.  Here are the specifics.

    Clayton has been a model of civic engagement.   He has been on the city council, worked as a city police officer and school resource officer, owned buildings, volunteered for civic groups, rehabilitated buildings, donated time and labor, served on boards, and so much more.  There is no candidate who can match this record of engagement and investment in the community.

    Clayton understands what it takes to run a city council and its various processes effectively and appropriately.  As a former employee of the city, businessman, property owner, and council representative, Clayton has worked with all levels of the public and private sectors.  He also has significant experience working with the schools (SRO) and the university.  He understands the dynamics and interactions of the community.

    Strength of character is evident in Clayton in his work, measured responses, and dignified bearing in meetings and around the town. Clayton has demonstrated openness to ideas and to the voice of the people. He listens and asks the right questions. He is thoughtful and deliberate in his work and his opinions.  Clayton understands the importance of good research and data-driven decision-making.    

    We are not going to find another mayoral candidate who can match this level of qualification and proven experience.  These form the basis of Clayton’s ability to lead the city and council effectively.  Leadership is essentially about character, experience, effective people and process skills, courage to face into tough decisions and processes, and the ability free the city and community members to get done the important work of our community.  In these, Clayton Briggs will excel as our mayor.