There are several choices to consider in the upcoming election for Crookston’s Mayor.  However, Dean Adams, who is a proven leader, is the best choice for mayor!

    Dean has many experiences as a business owner and in providing service to this community. He has strong, dynamic leadership skills that will ensure continued progress for the City of Crookston.

    Dean believes in public service and giving back to one’s community.  He believes in planning strategically for the future of Crookston and its residents’ quality of life. And he has the skills, experience, and desire to promote Crookston and build a thriving community.

    I believe Dean Adams will be a successful mayor and leader. And in my opinion, the test of a Mayor’s success is whether or not he was able to leave the community in better shape than he found it. Dean can meet that challenge because he understands operating budgets and will leave Crookston in a stronger financial position. He knows the community and values improving the trust and confidence of its residents. He wants to ensure that Crookston’s infrastructure is better maintained and with increased capacity. Dean wants to create a stronger connection between the City and its residents, and increase community engagement.

    Being a leader, particularly in local government, isn’t easy, but if anyone can do it successfully, Dean Adams can.  As mayor, he will be guided by personal and professional integrity, by relatable governing experiences, through communication and information sharing, and through strategic thinking and planning—all for the purpose of improved community and resident services.  

    Dean Adams is the leader that we need to move Crookston forward.  I encourage you to vote for Dean on November 6th!

Lynda Kenney
Crookston, Ward 1