The 7th Congressional District is the most conservative district in the state of Minnesota.  

    Yet, Democrat Collin Peterson continues to hold office.  Haven’t the voters in the 7th District woken up to the game the Democrats are playing by keeping him in office? In exchange for allowing him to vote “no” on abortion and gun control, Pelosi and friends can rely on him to vote in favor of every other far left Democrat issue.

    Peterson, like all other good Democrats, hates Trump and loves the Democrat agenda of Pelosi and Schumer.  He toes the party line when directed to – he is a loyal Pelosi pet.  Yet President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 7th District by 61 percent to 31 percent.  Shouldn’t Peterson be trying to find ways to support the Trump agenda, instead of trying to thwart it?  No.  Collin Peterson still wants Obamacare to continue, still wants us to pay higher taxes, still votes to preserve DACA (the “Dream Act” for illegal aliens), and still supports a government mandate that 25 percent of all energy in the U.S. must come from wind and solar power by the year 2025.

    Collin Peterson reveals his true leftist pedigree in other ways, as well, by stating that he supports “workable” climate change regulations, subsidies to farms rather than free market solutions, subsidies to prop up wind and solar power boondoggles, but no support  for vouchers to private and parochial schools to rescue children from failing schools.  

    On foreign policy, it is troubling that he is on record as saying that he would do nothing to support military action to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons (  Apparently, this is what his wealthy Democrat contributors want him to say.

    We don’t want a candidate like Peterson who will fight against the Trump agenda at every turn.  We want a candidate who will fight FOR the Trump agenda, which is benefiting all of America.  Republican Dave Hughes is that kind of candidate.  

    A former career Air Force major and pilot, Dave agrees with us that Trump’s policies are good for America.  A man of integrity, he will never try to fool us into believing he agrees with us when he doesn’t – unlike one candidate who has been deceiving us for 26 years!

Paul Lysen
Kingston Township
Meeker County