As the Crookston elections draw near for a city I love and serve, I feel it necessary to express my support for mayoral candidate Clayton Briggs.

    I have known Clayton for over 14 years as a friend, co-worker, and community supporter. Clayton has volunteered on numerous occasions for activities and events that I have put together on behalf of the police department for the community.

    I am currently the SRO for the Crookston School District and find myself being constantly reminded of the outstanding job Clayton did here in the school system so many years ago. The veteran teachers remind me of the big shoes I need to fill due to Clayton’s work ethic and relationships he built as a former police officer and SRO.

    I have seen the heart and soul that Clayton so outwardly shows for his city and citizens. Clayton has made himself available 24/7 to the citizens of this community as a city councilman and shown the restraint and team building abilities so badly needed for our present city government.

    Clayton’s word and commitment are just two of his many positive qualities that I myself try to duplicate in my professional and personal life. Clayton is man of integrity and stability.

    In my opinion we need a strong leader in our mayoral position that can bring together so many different, but talented personalities. I believe that Clayton has a natural calming but assertive personality, and would be the mayor of reason and common sense. 

    In conclusion, I believe that all the mayoral candidates bring some very interesting and talented qualities to the table, but I support Clayton Briggs for the above stated reasons.

Donald E. Rasicot