Election Day is Nov. 6.

    The election day is approaching quickly, and many of you are deciding which candidates are pest qualified to receive your votes.  We are writing this letter primarily to endorse one candidate, and that is the Polk County Sheriff candidate Chief Deputy Jim Tadman.  We have known Jim for over 25 years and have seen his strength of character and commitment to his job working for the Polk County Sheriff’s Department.

    You may have observed that the Jim Tadman signs boldly state his experience and leadership.  Thirty years of experience, strong leadership skills, and the endorsement of many current and retired sheriffs and deputies are very good reasons to vote for Jim Tadman.  His most recent 5 year experience as the Polk County Chief Deputy has given him the experience needed to step into the sheriff position with confidence and the knowledge necessary to be competent and prepared.

    Jim Tadman’s goal list includes among other things:  expanded youth education in drug awareness, bullying, social issues and school safety; pursue options to reinstate the K-9 unit; training of all personnel; continued collaboration with area agencies and citizens in areas of mental health, drug addiction, technology, etc. 

    With these goals and Jim’s vast experience working for the sheriff’s dept., we are confident that he is well qualified to be the next Polk County Sheriff.

    In order to best serve the citizens of Polk County, Jim Tadman comes forward willingly and very able to serve and protect us all.  We encourage to Vote experience. Vote leadership. Vote Jim Tadman.