How long until we repair the damage done to our nation's highest office?

    When George Washington became the President of the United States there was no model, no precedence to guide him as to how to be the President.  One of the first decisions of the first administration was how to address the person that held the office.

    As the rulers of that era were mainly derived from an aristocracy, specifically England, the first suggestions were…His Highness the President of America and His Majesty the President.  Luckily Washington wasn’t a self-absorbed megalomaniac. George Washington realized that he wasn’t the office and was very careful in crafting the office of the Presidency. Washington insisted on Mr. President.

    It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think of what #45 would choose if given that choice today.

    Every time #45 opens his mouth and makes boastful, exaggerated or dishonest statements he is not only hurting himself but the office of the President of the United States of America.

    Perhaps if #45 had a background in some area of public service as every other person that has held the office he might be able to separate himself from the presidency.

    How many times has #45 made us ashamed of the President?  How many obvious lies, verbal attacks and acting the sycophant to tyrants has made us cringe with outrage, shame and even pity for that little insecure man.

    When #45 attacked Senator John McCain for being captured after being shot down over North Vietnam trying to diminish his honor and courage.  Was anyone proud of that performance by Mr. Bonespur?

    When #45 acted the fool imitating a disabled reporter at a press conference only his loyal ditto-head followers could laugh at that performance.  When declaring the news media an enemy of the American people and applauding violence against reporters how can anyone be surprised when reporters are attacked or worse.  It has been the free professional news media that has kept us free.

    At Helsinki, Finland did #45 make anyone proud of the United States President? Contradicting his own intelligence agencies and acting like an admiring fan of Valdimir Putin wasn’t honorable demeanor for the office of the Presidency.

    When addressing the General Assembly of the U.N. and making a typical absurd exaggeration drew the laughter of the delegates and the world only #45 believed the laughter was a result of his wit and wisdom.

    This country has made mistakes in the past 240 years but the world has never doubted our intrinsic greatness.  How long will it take to repair the office of the Presidency?