Of course, Heidi Heitkamp received strong support from state's Native population.

Fight on Sioux,
We’re all for you.
We’re thousands of strong and loyal souls,
And we know you’ll win
Every game you’re in,
No matter how distant the goal….
    Too bad our outdated UND fight song doesn’t apply to the Standing Rock and Spirit Lake Sioux, along with all other Native Americans living in North Dakota.

    I’m talking about our state’s Big Horn, which has recently trumpeted all across America its implicit effort to restrict Native American voting.

    How did this come to be?

    Virtually all the TV networks recite the same narrative.

    In 2012 Heidi Heitkamp won her senate seat by approximately 3,000 votes, the margin arising from Rolette and Sioux Counties, which have significant concentrations of Native Americans.

    Cynical minds turned to Native American vulnerabilities.  OMG!  They used post office box numbers instead of home addresses, and still they were allowed to vote!

    North Dakota’s non-Native American legislature charged in to eliminate the breach.  Henceforth, those who voted must possess IDs bearing a street address.  Post office box numbers will not do.  

    And days ago, the U. S. Supreme Court favored North Dakota’s  ID law 6-2, signaling acceptance of this blatant effort to suppress Native American voting.

    Oh, that we were thousands of strong and loyal souls, supporting our fellow Dakotans in their quest to vote!  Our old fight song should be more than a chant cheering a nation’s-best hockey program!

    Let us rise up and see our Native Americans to the voting booths, no matter how distant the goal!

    Beard, a native of Reynolds, North Dakota and a graduate of the University of North Dakota, now lives in California.