1. Learn more about local candidates in the Times

    Starting this week and leading up to the Nov. 6 Election, the Crookston Daily Times will be featuring question-and-answer profiles of candidates running for Crookston mayor, Crookston City Council, Crookston School Board, Polk County sheriff and Minnesota House District 1B state representative. There were a lot of candidates on stage during the recent Meet the Candidates Forum at the U of M Crookston, and they squeezed all of them into one evening, so, hopefully, the Q and A's will provide readers and voters a little more insight into what the office-seekers are all about.

2. Check out the Blue Line Club’s Fun Night Friday

    What better way to spend a Friday night than with dinner and a show? The Crookston Blue Line Club will be hosting their annual “Fun Night” this Friday, October 26 at the Crookston Eagles Club with Dueling Pianos from Rock It Man Entertainment, dinner by B&E Meats, and more with proceeds going to youth hockey. Tickets are $25 and include ribs or chicken and all the fixings, plus the always-entertaining Dueling Pianos show. The event is open to the public, so why not bring all your friends for a fun night out. And with proceeds going to Crookston area youth hockey, what could be better?

3. With Jimmy Butler, it needs to be all or nothing, not this muddy mess

    So, apparently, Jimmy Butler trade talks have for the time being dried up. So, on one hand, if Butler plays great for the Timberwolves, other teams might be willing to up their ante to get him in a deal. But on the other hand, after playing great and leading the Wolves to their first win of the season Friday night over Cleveland, Butler stayed back in Minneapolis on Saturday when the Wolves took on the Mavericks in Dallas, and the Wolves lost a nail-biter. The team's brass explained Butler not playing by saying he was resting and will be rested on the second night of back-to-back games. Well, how is that supposed to help him get traded or help the Wolves? Maybe the Wolves brass simply doesn't want to overwork Butler and risk injury, which would guarantee no one would trade for him. This was a muddy, murky situation to begin with, and after what transpired on Saturday, it's that much muddier. Either go all in with Butler on the Wolves until a trade can happen, or keep him away from the team entirely.

4. MLB postseason games need to end earlier

    It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you’re in, if you want to remain relevant, make money and secure a long-term future, you at some point had probably concentrate at least some of your energies on young people. If they’re not interested in the product you’re selling or otherwise putting in front of them for consideration, look out, because you’re probably not going to be around too long. Which brings us to Major League Baseball. Probably more than any other sport, MLB tries to tug at the heartstrings through generational sentimentality...the whole take me out of the ballgame thing, usually featuring sons and their dads or kids and both parents. It’s America’s pastime, a game for the whole family to enjoy. Have you seen the film “Field of Dreams?” That’s all you need to know. But if you want to appeal to the next generations, you’d better not feature the most exciting things your product has to offer long after the young ones have gone to bed. Yes, once again, Major League Baseball’s playoffs this fall have been exciting and even electric at times, but when even a nine-inning game can easily push four hours, and all of these marathon, extra-inning games not deciding a winner until long after midnight, and even after 1 a.m., who’s still watching? Certainly not children who have to get up for school the next day. Major League Baseball’s leaders need to figure this out.

5. Learn how to cope with notifications on your smartphone

    Have you ever had 16 Facebook notifications, 37 emails, 11 in Instagram, 4 messages, 2 in Messenger, and 14 in your calendar at one time? Whether you have an iPhone, Android, Google phone or tablet of any kind, those little notification symbols next to your icons can drive you batty. It’s almost as if you feel you have to click to scroll through or read them all just to get rid of the notifications. Believe it or not, you’re more important than that and there is a way to get rid of those notifications. For most, you can go into your phone/tablet settings and set them to activate manually when you choose that option. Inside the social media apps, you can set your notifications to only notify you when you have a comment or message and not every time someone “likes” something. This should help with that immediate anxiety and get you back to more important things.