Nolan cheers the Pirate state tennis tandem, while Jess jeers people who don't understand the meaning of an opinion, on the opinion page.

Cheers to Pirate state tennis qualifiers
    Crookston High School sports saw its first two state qualifiers for the 2018-2019 school year. Emma Borowicz (So.) and Catherine Tiedemann (So.) took second place in the Section 8A Tennis Doubles Tournament to punch their ticket to state. The Pirates tennis team will send another doubles team to follow up the performance of state-qualifiers, Ally Tiedemann and Amy Follette, a year ago.

    Borowicz’s and Tiedemann’s runner-up placing serves as a rewarding finish to a year in which Pirates girls’ tennis embarked on a rebuilding year. As a team, Crookston went 6-18 one year after posting a 14-9-1 record. The Pirates graduated five seniors from the 2017 season and used a lineup in 2018 whose average grade was that of a sophomore.

    These two sophomores, Borowicz and Tiedemann, did not ride a smooth road to their section silver medals. The pair won the first round 6-1, 6-2 and came from behind in the quarterfinals to win 4-6, 6-0, 6-2.

    With a chance to move on to the championship match, Borowicz and Tiedemann lost 7-6(7-1), 6-4 to Abby Morris and Kendra Coborn from Park Rapids. The duo moved to the third place match where they needed to win and hope Morris and Coborn win the championship match. The Pirates won 6-3, 6-3 in the third-place match and Park Rapids’ victory triggered a true second-place match to determine the final state spot out of Section 8A.

    All season long, the Pirates entire team struggled with matches decided by three sets. As fate would have it, the true second-place match went into a third set after each side won a set 6-2. Borowicz and Tiedemann eliminated the third set woes and shut out their opponent 6-0 to qualify for state.

    State starts on Thursday, October 25 in Minneapolis.
– Nolan Beilstein, sports editor

Jeers to people who can’t take an opinion with a grain of salt
    The Crookston Daily Times has an opinion page in every issue of its publication Monday thru Friday. Every Monday there’s a newsroom list of five things they’d like to see happen, Tuesday there’s an editorial, Thursday there’s Cheers and Jeers or an editorial, and Friday a column, all done by the Times’ staff and accompanied weekly by letters to the editors and national pieces.

    When it comes time to write these pieces, especially when a Jeers is on the line, it’s quite common to read something negative about something that happened or is going on locally.

    When these opinions come out, both in print and online on our website and on social media, we actually welcome some feedback whether people agree or disagree. Occasionally we even get someone who stops by our office to civilly voice their opinion of our opinions.

    More times than none we are pretty spot-on with our opinion of the situation(that’s also an opinion, if you’re keeping track) because we (sometimes) gauge our opinion off of others’ opinions and occasionally use our common sense when writing them.

    Can we have an opinion that is not the same as everyone else’s? Sure. Could we be wrong? Absolutely. What is not okay is to pull us aside in a public place or bring one of us into your office to tell us about your disappointment of our opinion.

    Opinions are like elbows, everyone has them but some people throw them around more than others.

    This page will continue to be full of opinions. Want to voice yours? We’d be more than happy to publish it for you. Send us an email, drop off a letter, write a comment on our social media, send a carrier pigeon if you have to. We love all opinions. Even the “wrong” ones.
– Jess Bengtson, assistant editor