Don’t be afraid to try new things, like hockey

This weekend the Crookston Blue Line Club hosted both “Ponytails and Pucks” and “Boys and Blades” Saturday at the Crookston Sports Center, and it was refreshing to see all the young girls and boys come out to try hockey for the first time. Kids in grades kindergarten through 4th laced up some skates, put on pads and a helmet, and grabbed a hockey stick to head out onto the ice with older hockey players who taught them some beginner skills. Every kid who left the ice that day was presented with an opportunity to try hockey for FREE their first year and were invited to the Blue Line Club’s next event. Judging by the facial expressions of the first-timers, it’s safe to say there will be some newbies out on the ice this season.

Take back your garage this winter

Do you park your car outside in the driveway or on the street because your garage is full of stuff? Now that we have winter-like weather, it’s time to take back your garage and let your car be snow and ice free in the mornings as it sits indoors overnight. After all, you rely on your car to get you to and from work, school, the store, the doctor, the movies, the library, church, sports games, and out to eat. What does your garage stuff do for you? Take up space and not offer any real benefit? It’s time to get rid of it or re-organize so your car has a safe warm place to go this winter. No more procrastinating. Make it happen.

The media need to not be so easily duped, or, worse yet, be in on the dupe

The media need to be smarter sometimes, or maybe just more savvy. Are they being duped, or, worse yet, are they sometimes in on the manipulation? A couple weeks ago, disgruntled New York Giants wide receive Odell Beckham Jr. went on a post-game rant in the locker room, while his pal, rapper Lil Wayne, sat next to him and offered his thoughts. Why was Lil Wayne there? Well, he was releasing a new album that day. Or, take disgruntled Timberwolves player Jimmy Butler. He went on a tirade during practice last week, ripping his teammates and management on the court, and, wouldn't you know it, an ESPN crew just happened to be covering that very practice, and as soon as it was over they got an exclusive interview with Butler. Who's fooling who here? The capper had to be rapper Kanye West going on a long, rambling diatribe in the Oval Office, sitting across from President Donald Trump, while a horde of media recorded it all and took a billion photos. The national media reported on it breathlessly during the next news cycle, as if it was important news, while other important news of the day, courtesy of the Trump Administration, went underreported, or even ignored. Wise up, people. You're being played.

Think twice before rebuilding after all these hurricanes

It's not unusual for those adversely impacted by natural disasters to proclaim afterward that they're going to pick up the pieces and rebuild. Of course, that's not always an option, like if your property is in a flood plain. If you lose your house, you can't rebuild there. Well, what about when you live on the ocean coastline that's at risk of more hurricanes, and stronger hurricanes, on a planet being impacted daily by climate change? And what if the state getting battered by most of the hurricanes is led by a governor, Rick Scott, who prohibits any of his staff from saying the words "climate change" and bans any reference to it in any official state publications? Sure, you can build more supposedly hurricane-proof properties, but these hurricanes certainly aren't getting smaller or weaker. Our nation's insurance industry simply can't afford paying for all these recoveries from all these escalating, weather-related natural disasters, not without jacking up everyone's premiums. After a 2005 hurricane, the same area battered by Michael brought in millions of tons of sand and created a massive beachfront to serve as a better buffer between the storm surge and the developed shore during future hurricanes. Well, after Michael, all of that sand and beach are gone. If you're getting hammered by natural disasters and there's no sign of a letup in the years and decades to come, it’s time move out of harm's way.

Students, enjoy your long weekend, be safe and smart

This week is a short week for students in Minnesota due to the Minnesota Educator Academy (MEA) conference. The school week ends on Wednesday so many students are left with nothing to do over the long weekend, which is not always a bad thing.  As a student, this break is parallel to a mini summer vacation, right when the homework and stress starts to hit the hardest, it’s the first real break in the school year and it shows that we’re nearing the end of the first quarter of school which means only three quarters left until the real summer vacation. It also means that there is only a few short weeks before students get out for Thanksgiving break, then a few more weeks before they get out for holiday break.  Some families take advantage of the four-day weekend and travel, others stay home and enjoy the long break. Students, enjoy this short week and stay safe and warm during the extended weekend.
                                                                 – Anna Huck, student writer