With elections for the City of Crookston fast approaching, I feel compelled to write a letter in support of candidate Clayton Briggs, for mayor.

    I have had the privilege of knowing Clayton for over 20 years, on both a professional level and as a personal friend. Within that time, I have had the opportunity to see Clayton’s leadership in action.

    He is a man of high integrity who values God and family and he is proud to be part of the community he has always loved. He is a person who has the knowledge and depth when it comes to the history of Crookston and he is acutely aware of the challenges and strengths the city faces.

    He is always willing to listen and talk with everyone and conner with neighbors to solve problems. This skill is critical in order to take action and he is not afraid to reach out to leaders in the community.

    He is an outstanding public servant, advocate for all, and you can depend on his word. He will protect the future for your children and grandchildren.

    Clayton is a natural leader who has gained experience and proven theta he is ready to lead Crookston. He deserves the opportunity to serve as mayor and Crookston deserves a payor as qualified and passionate as Clayton.

Jackie Robertson
Retired counselor, Crookston High School