It is with great honor that I support Clayton Briggs in the upcoming election for the Mayor of Crookston

    I have known Clayton as long as I have been in Crookston having moved here in 1988 to serve on the Crookston Police Department. I served over 25 years on the department as patrol officer, lieutenant and 13 1/2 years as the Chief of Police, retiring in 2013. I currently serve on the National Child Safety Council as a Safety Coordinator for all or part of five states.

    Clayton was born and raised here in Crookston. He has worked on the Crookston Police Department, is a local business owner and raised his family here. He has always had a desire to serve the citizens of Crookston and has done so in many capacities. He currently serves as the City Councilman for Ward 3, and has done so for the last 4 years.

    When Clayton served on the Crookston Police Department, we worked closely with each other as patrol officers for several years. For a time, we were partners and worked will together. Clayton was instrumental in starting the bike patrol program and served as the liaison to the Crookston Police Reserve coordination their months meetings, training and activities. Clayton also served as a Field Training Officer which is an important position training new officers for the department. While serving as the Chief of Police, I appointed Clayton to serve as the School Resource Officer; a position that he loved and excelled at. Clayton and I have had a lasting friendship for 30 years.

    I believe Clayton Briggs has a good base of knowledge, background, temperament and personality to be an excellent Mayor for the City of Crookston. I fully support him in the upcoming election.

Timothy S. Motherway
Retired Crookston Chief of Police