Be thankful for today’s technology

If you’re an 80s kid, you remember tying up your parent’s house phone line chatting with friends and sometimes stretching that long cord around so you can sit in the closet without being interrupted. If you’re a 90s kid, you might have been lucky enough to have a “party line” or your own house phone number so you don’t tie up your parent’s regular house phone line. Now, we have cell phones. And not just flip phones or phones with a texting keyboard, but actual touchscreen smart phones. Small computers, actually. Sure, they still make calls but they also send electronic text messages and emails, take some of the best photos, and, have replaced your video camera, calculator, wall calendar, alarm clock, car map or external GPS system, weather channel, compass, flashlight, watch, radio, address book, coupon folder, and, for some, their computers. We’ve come far with technology and we sometimes take it for granted when the internet connection is being “slow” (not as slow as dial-up though) or if an application needs to be restarted. Just be thankful we don’t have to stretch that long phone cord around the corner for privacy any more just to talk to someone.

Yes, start getting excited about 30th Ox Cart Days

2019 will be the 30th anniversary of Ox Cart Days and organizers have already been knee-deep in planning. It takes months to plan a week-long summer festival and bands, entertainment, and even food trucks fill up quick now days. The Ox Cart Days planning committee will hold their first meeting for the 2019 event this Tuesday, October 9 at 4:30 p.m. at Valley Technology Park. Interested in what’s planned so far or have some ideas you’d like to throw at them? You’re welcome to join them around the table. No spoilers here. Sorry, folks. Let’s make 2019’s festival the best ever!

For the good of the team, Thibodeau needs to realize that Butler needs to be traded

NBA insiders reported that the Timberwolves and Miami Heat almost had a finalized trade in place involving disgruntled Wolf Jimmy Butler, but then, apparently, the Wolves brass got a little greedy and the proposed trade fell apart. This can't happen. Butler doesn't want to be here because he doesn't like to play with Andrew Wiggins and Karl Anthony Towns, the Wolves young corps, and their future. The team is playing uninspired preseason ball while coach Tom Thibodeau keeps insisting he might be able to convince Butler to report to the team and play. It's a toxic situation that the Wolves must remedy by getting as solid of a return as they can in a trade involving Butler, the sooner the better.

Let’s have a great CHS 2018 Homecoming Week

It’s homecoming week at Crookston High School. Monday is Pajama day so many students are decked out in their Saturday Morning best, Tuesday is Country vs. Country Club day, Wednesday is Hawaiian day, Thursday is Color War, and Friday is Pirate Pride so the student body will be decked out in blue and gold. Crookston High School’s 2018 Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned on Tuesday, Powderpuff football is on Wednesday night at the UMC football field so be sure to cheer on the teams, Boys volleyball tournaments will be held during primetime Thursday and Friday, and the Pep-fest is Friday afternoon. The Homecoming Football game is friday night, make sure to join the crowd and wear your Pirate Pride. The homecoming dance is that night from 9-12. Crookston High School’s 2018 Homecoming week is brought to you by the CHS Student Council.

                                                            – Anna Huck, student writer

Be on the lookout for rare, paralyzing disorder in kids

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reported over the weekend that a half-dozen kids in the state, from the metro area to the northeastern corner, have been stricken with a polio-like malady that in every case reported so far has begun with what appear to be typical cold symptoms. All of the cases have been reported since Sept. 20, so it's pretty startling. A statewide health alert has been issued for medical professionals to be especially on the lookout. It's called acute flaccid myelitis (AFM), and kids afflicted with it have suffered various degrees of paralysis in various extremities and other regions of the body. With medication and intense therapy, some of the kids have rebounded some, but not completely. Scariest of all, if paralysis caused by AFM affects the muscles associated with breathing, it could be fatal. What causes AFM is a bit mysterious, but the fact that early on it appears to be nothing more than a routine cold should have parents and medical professionals on high-alert. Six cases in three weeks is quite a bit.