Two Republican have shown butt-backwards-to-reality with recent letters. Despite Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make American Great Again”, Republicans say that the U.S. has always been a great country. That is like saying a back-sliding church-goer making an offering after first beating up his neighbor to steal his paycheck is “a great Christian”.

    Republicans also criticize government for keeping an experienced workforce to handle important work like avoiding corruption by following the law, instead calling it “the deep state”. That is like saying we need more naïve, inexperienced people like Trump meeting Putin in Iceland and looking like a fool to his horrified support staff and the rest of us when he denied the Russian interference that corrupted our last election.

    These Republicans want voters to elect Republicans at both State and Federal levels in this Fall’s elections. How is that going to make anything better with the Republicans so intent on doing away with affordable health care? And with massive government debt growing with that last tax cut benefitting only Republican corporate fat-cats, higher interest rates from government borrowing to pay for it are going to stall the economy. To leave Republicans in control will mean job losses and, to avoid poverty, cashing in of hard-earned annuity pension plans.

    Let’s face reality: Any DFL candidate is better than the best of these irresponsible, spendthrift, unchristian, fat-cat corporate supporting Republican candidates. Those Republicans have kept wages flat for the past 30 years under Reagan’s voodoo trickle-down economy. What had been normal wage increases were instead sucked up to pay for stock dividends for these annuity plans. The voodoo was these annuity plans had to be sold during regular economic down-turns resulting in job losses. Of course, these annuity plan stocks were bought up by those fat-cat Republicans already planning the next economic downturn to do it all over again.

    That is why Trump likes economic downturns to rob us of our hard-earned investments. He and his Republicans are working hard to bring it on again. He and his Republican friends will clean up with their Russian investors again if they succeed at buying this next election. WHY WOULD YOU EVER ELECT REPUBLICANS AGAIN?

    With Democrat leadership, we can get affordable health care for all, bring back livable wages, restore protections for all lives, fund education, balance the national and state budgets, and provide responsible decisions in a healthy government elected by normal people.

    Let get smart, this time. In this Fall’s November 6th election, let’s vote for all the Democrat candidates each of whom are one of us hard-working people with our same main street values.