Cheers to the 2020 CHS Europe trip planning, jeers to being stubborn when Mother Nature strikes

Cheers to planning and fundraising getting underway for 2020 Europe trip
    Crookston High School teacher Shelly Thomforde will be leading another international trip in the year of 2020. This time around, the students will be traveling to Italy and Greece. Students intending to participate in the trip must be full time students during the 2018-2020 school years and must be either a junior or senior in high school at the time of travel.

    The 2020 itinerary includes 5 days in Italy, a night ferry to Greece and the remaining 5 days touring Greece.  Students will visit Rome, Florence, Ancona, Igoumenitsa, the Meteora region, and Athens. A 3 day tour extension was offered to the students at a higher cost. During those three days, they would embark on a cruise to explore the Mediterranean Sea, visiting Mykonos island, Samos island, Patmos island, Crete island, and Santorini island.

    The cost quote for the 10 day trip os roughly 3900 per traveler. Students have the choice to fundraise for the trip through Pizza Corner sales,  50/50 raffles, and other group projects. Although the trip is many months away, students have already started raising money for the trip. Congratulations on this amazing opportunity 2020 travelers.
– Anna Huck, student writer

Jeers to stubbornness in the face of Mother Nature’s wrath
    Every time a natural disaster poses a threat to any region, the media and officials warn residents in the area to evacuate for their own safety. Every time this occurs, there are always the select few who decide they know more and stick around despite the constant advisories.

    Hurricane Florence’s rains already began hitting North Carolina on Thursday and although the storm was downgraded from a Category 4 to a Category 2, the dangers it brings persist.

    People have free will and possess the right to stay at home and risk injury or death when the hurricane hits hard. That is their choice. Where this becomes a problem is when it puts the lives of others in harm’s way.

    When these storms reach shore, first responders stay behind to lend aid to any affected by the hurricane. So if a few brave souls go to rescue a stubborn individual who thought they were tough and now need immediate help, that ignorant decision to ‘weather the storm’ suddenly poses a threat to many others’ safety.

    Anyone’s life is their own and they can do as they please. But do not let pride or lack of intelligence put those who are risking their lives for an honorable reason in any more danger.
– Nolan Beilstein, sports editor