Local, area 4-H participants do great at the Minnesota State Fair, while anonymous New York Times opinion piece author could have done so much better.

Cheers to the successes of local, area 4-H’ers at the Minnesota State Fair
    Polk County’s North Star 4-H club brought 7 members down to the Minnesota State fair for a 3 day encampment on the State Fair Grounds. This year they went down on Thursday the 30th and stayed until September 1st. The 4-H’ers each had a time for their judging on one of these days. State fair judging is different from county fair judging. On the County level judging is one on one with the judge and the student. On the State Fair Level, the kids are judged in groups called Conference Judging.

    Conference judging includes 2-4 kids in the same category and a judge who is knowledgable in the project area. The 4-H’ers take turns presenting their projects to the group and are encouraged to ask questions of the other kids. The judging takes up to an hour to complete. This year the North Star 4-H Club was very successful:

    Linnea French- Blue in Performing Arts
    George French- Blue in Performing Arts
    Anna Huck- Grand Champion in Cat
    Olivia Huck- Blue in Child Development
    Eliza Meyer- Blue in Food Preservation
    Ella Thorvilson-Red in Demonstration, Red in Quilting
    Brylee Lessard- Blue in Self Determined
    Andrew Schwede- Red in Crafts
    Kayle Brekken- Grand Champion in Needle Arts

     Congrats to the North Star 4-H club and good luck on the upcoming year of projects.

Jeers to the anonymous opinion writer in the New York Times
    Speculation is in overdrive one day after the New York Times published an anonymous editorial written by a person who works as part of President Donald Trump’s administration in the White House. Everyone is breathlessly wondering who wrote it – the New York Times brass says the author’s identity is known to them – and national media personalities are asking White House officials as they cross their path if they wrote it. In a move that should shock no one, no one is responding that, yes, they wrote it. It was anonymous in the first place, after all, to prevent being unmasked.

    You could have an endless debate about the NYT’s decision to publish the anonymous, explosive piece. But the bigger debate should be had, and the most criticism should be directed at the author, who basically admitted that he/she is happy with a whole bunch of what Trump has been able to get accomplished almost two years after being elected, so we should all just ride it out and trust that more level-headed administrative brass in the White House are doing their very best to keep Trump on a short leash when he flies off the rails on almost a daily basis.

    So, in other words, the author’s approach is much like the Republican-controlled Congress, who won’t do anything publicly to upset Trump or call him out in any way, because they’re far more interested in getting as much Republican-backed legislation signed into law as possible than they are in protecting the United States of America from the moment-to-moment whims of the current occupant of the White House and commander-in-chief.

    Had the anonymous writer come forward on the record, obviously risking his/her job but also showing tremendous courage that would have lent his/her words credibility and gained respect of citizens from coast to coast, it would have been worth a “Cheer” on this page.