According to New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, "America is not, and never has been a great nation."

    REALLY?... Not great?...

    Americans donate more to charity than the rest of the world combined.  (Not great?)

    America has enabled freedom and democracy to flourish throughout the world.  We defeated fascism, communism, and we stand almost alone against jihadi totalitarianism.  (Not great?)

    America has created wondrous bounties of food, cornucopias of medicine, and such richness of ideas and industrial & technological advances which are unsurpassed in human history.  Directly due to America's greatness (in a world which once held some 500 million people at the time of America's founding, where most were impoverished and starving), we now have a world of over 6 billion people where most are prospering and/or improving their lot in life, every day.  (Not great?)

    The people who don't believe in America's greatness have very little to complain about these days, except perhaps the presence of those of us who disagree with them.  They focus solely on the past mistakes America has made, neglecting to acknowledge that many of those mistakes have been repaired.  For 242 years, we with our blood and treasure, have perpetually striven to make America and the whole world a better place for all citizenry.  Those who don't accept America's exceptionalism, try to paint normal human interaction as evil; with their superficial hyper-PC politics, utterly failing to grasp the concept of any historical context.  Some are ignorant foolish ideologues, the other half are just partisan shills.

    Please, don't try to conflate great with perfect.  America is a great nation but far from perfect, and there is lots of room for improvement.  In spite of her flaws, however, American life as it is lived today, is the best life that this world has to offer.  There will be only one "Perfect Kingdom," and it is not of this world, nor will it be created or ruled by mankind.  America is great, when America is good.  Let's make it OK to call America great again.

Jim Espeseth
Bagley, Minnesota