Over the past two summers, I’ve had an incredible experience working as the Crookston Daily Times summer intern. I’ve truly had a blast taking pictures and writing articles for the smallest daily newspaper in Minnesota. It’s been a fascinating adventure, interviewing local business owners and politicians, writing articles about a wide array of topics, and taking pictures at places and events varying from construction sites to live bands. Working at a newspaper forces you to be involved and pay attention to all facets of a community.     

    Although I was involved in the Crookston community before the internship, I didn’t realize the extent of everything that goes on in such a small town. After all, I was mostly concerned with being a kid and getting my homework done. I stayed in my small bubble and didn’t notice the intense politics, Facebook rampages, and small town gossip that divided the town.

    However, I also didn’t realize how many unifying events, organizations, and businesses Crookston is home to.

    As I reread my final article from last summer, I realized that the entire point of the article was to say “Goodbye” to the Crookston Daily Times. Surprise! Obviously, I came back. But this time, I’m leaving for good. I’m off to my next great adventure, college. In roughly two weeks, I’ll be starting school at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. I plan on majoring in English and something else, but I haven’t quite figured that out yet.

    Although I’ve truly enjoyed working as a journalist, I don’t know that it will be my final career path. For years, I dreamt of teaching literature, but the experience of working at a newspaper challenged me to question what I wanted to do with my life. However, I was inspired when I came across an article published by a professor. I realized that I can continue to write about and publish my thoughts in different ways, even if I don’t want to be a full time journalist. I enjoy writing, but my true passion is reading and studying literature. My hope is to one day attain a PhD in English Literature and teach at a college. In the meantime, I’ll be studying at St. Olaf and staying busy contributing to the Manitou Messenger, the student newspaper at the college. I love to learn, and I’m excited to finally have the opportunity to study what fascinates me.

    Crookston has been a wonderful place to grow up in, and I will forever cherish the memories made and lessons learned in my hometown. Now, I’m ready to move on to experience a different adventure and aspire for a bright future in unknown territory.