There are 5 stages of dying – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.  The Earth is dying and we are only in denial.

       Signs of Climate Change are numerous now – three 500 year floods in Houston 2015, 2016, 2017, multi-year droughts in the Middle East, melting of ice caps and glaciers causing coastal floodings and chaotic weather – wildfires in the Western U.S. and floods in the Eastern U.S.  Climate Change/Chaos is a cataclysmic event only to get worse.

   Corporations who rule supreme know the end is coming but they don’t care.  They do business as usual because their stockholders expect it.  

    Climate Change – The Truth – gets in the way with the theme of making as much money as possible NOW!  Donald Trump the Denier Supreme denies Climate Change since that fact acknowledged would interfere with his plunder plan of greed – the use and abuse of Mother Earth.  

   We all knew this was coming 40 years ago but stayed in denial.  It’s time for Anger and action – there isn’t much time left.  We are all responsible for Climate Change.  We – the U.S. are 5% of the world’s population.  Yet we consume a third of its resources and make nearly half its waste.

   Too many of us are removed from Nature.  We live in our own worlds controlled by corporations and their devices such as the almighty phone.  We are quite ignorant “Out there” the Natural World.  We need to be involved and engaged with Nature. Defy Corporate Domination and question authority and think for ourselves.

   To know (knowledge of a subject or person) is to Love.  To Love instills the desire to Protect.  Mother Nature and all its creatures so in peril need us to get involved and express our love and appreciation any way we can.  Our Lives, too and Future Depend on It.

Chuck Goyette
Red Lake Falls, Minnesota