5 Things we want to see happen

Recycling: Make sure you know when to place your bins
We're a few months into the City of Crookston's six-month experiment to see if it's worth it to offer two curbside recycling pickups a month as opposed to one. If not enough Crookston residents put blue bins at their curbs on the second monthly pickup, it's possible and even likely that the City will revert back to one pickup a month. So, in that vein, let's make sure we all have this down pat: It's not strictly the first and third week that crews will pick up recyclables. Yes, they will, as always, pick up on your garbage day during the first week of the month. But during the third week? Not necessarily. The third Monday of the month is what triggers the second monthly recycling pickup, which means that just because it's the third Thursday of the month and that's your garbage pickup day, that doesn't necessarily mean the City is coming by to empty your blue bins. It might be the following week. Got that? Good. Now let’s participate.

Don’t sweat preseason games
Minnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike ZImmer said after Saturday's sloppy, penalty-filled loss at home to the Jaguars that he was glad his team didn't pull out the preseason victory because they didn't deserve it. He's right, it was an ugly game. But it means nothing. Preseason games, no matter the sport, don't mean much, and how many of these games your team wins or loses has no bearing on what transpires during the regular season. Vikings followers on social media after the game mentioned next weekend's third preseason tilt against the Seahawks. Normally, in the third preseason game, a team's starters play at least the whole first half. It's typically deemed the most important preseason game. If the Vikings don't do well in that game, the online prognosticators warned, look out. No, don't look out. It's the preseason, it's nothing.
If you’re a student, consider joining the Times newsroom as an intern
If you’re a high school student and want to try your hand at photography or journalism, look into the Crookston Daily Times internship. The office is currently searching for a fall semester intern who has open hours in the morning and would be able to come into the Crookston Times office every school day for one or two hours. Successful completion of a semester as the intern will result in academic credit at the Crookston High School. If this fall doesn’t work for you, consider the spring, or even next summer. The summer internship doesn’t count as academic credit, instead, you’re paid for your time. But whether you work in the school year and get credit or work in the summer for money, the internship is truly an amazing opportunity and a ton of fun. You’ll get to write articles about topics you care about, go to all kinds of events to take pictures, and experience what it’s like to work in a newsroom. And if you work as the intern during the school year, you’ll serve as the voice of the high school, capturing all the fun events that happen there. Even if you don’t want to be a journalist, the internship will stimulate your writing skills, and the ability to write well is an invaluable skill in life. The internship looks great on college applications and resumes, and gives you a head start on any kind of writing or photography career.  The internship will also boost your ability to communicate, as you’ll be conducting interviews, gathering information, and asking questions on a daily basis. If you’ve got curiosity, creativity, and an itch to show your writing or photography skills to the world, or if you simply want to improve those skills, try the Crookston Daily Times internship. And, if you’re reading this article, you’re already ahead of most high school students by picking up the newspaper. Contact mchristopherson@crookstontimes.com or at 280-0771 if you’re interested.
– Maddie Everett, outgoing Times intern

Ox Cart Days: Keep momentum going for 2019
One of the biggest and most successful Ox Cart Days festivals has the town feeling tired on a Monday, but in a good way. So many people came to the 80+ events, so many sponsors stepped up to help make it successful, and there was so much great entertainment for people of all ages. Yes, there will be a short break, but the Ox Cart Days committee will get to planning the 2019 festival before we know it. Next year will be the 30th anniversary and there’s no reason not to make it as big and bright as this year’s five days of fun. Remember to check their website, www.crookstonoxcartdays.com, and their Facebook page for any news or updates. Want to join the planning committee or have some suggestions for next year? Reach out and let the team know. Congrats, Crookston, on hosting one of the biggest week-long parties around!

More Pirate Pep Band at games
High school football and marching bands just make sense. Even at the collegiate level, a portion of the college football experiences includes the bands. But for the majority of the Crookston Pirates football games in 2017, the band was absent. Not only does a marching band or pep band provide entertainment during breaks in the game, but it automatically provides a boisterous student section. A band puts more students in the stands as well as more adults in the stands if the band parents come to see their kid play in the stands or during halftime. Not just football, but let’s see the band at volleyball, basketball and others. Seems like a win-win for Crookston.