Actually, it's a double Cheers today. Cheers to everyone going to college and Cheers to UMC for all their recent accolades.

Cheers to everyone going to college

    Back to school is quickly approaching- especially for college students. Most students will be packing up and moving into dorms as early as next week.

    It’s a busy time, even more so for those who are leaving for college for the first time. There’s bedding to be bought, clothes to be packed, and loads of forms to fill out. But don’t let the chaos and angst of leaving home distract from the true value of education.

    It is projected that in 2020, 65 percent of jobs will require some form of higher education. Education is becoming increasingly important in our ever changing world. Of the fastest declining jobs, most are labor based and do not require education beyond high school. Of the fastest growing jobs, most require an education and are STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) based.

    And although college is expensive, a Georgetown University study found that on average, college graduates earn $1 million more over their lifetime compared to their high school graduate counterparts. A study by the Pew Research Center also found that the median yearly income gap between the two is $17,500. In the end, the cost of college is worth it.

    The value of education lasts a lifetime. So cheers to everyone who is taking the leap. It may seem like it is simply an expensive burden now, but education beyond high school is a necessity for the future.

                                                             – Maddie Everett, intern

Cheers to UMC for all their recent accolades

    Sure, you’ve seen them in the Crookston Daily Times newspaper and heard about them on KROX Radio, but have you been paying close attention to all that the University of Minnesota Crookston has been doing and has been recognized for locally, regionally, and even around the globe?

    Recently, they were named a “Best Midwestern College” by the Princeton Review, they’ve signed a memorandum of agreement with Red Lake Nation College allowing qualified RLNC students the chance to work towards a bachelor’s degree, they’ve allowed for research that could lead to the discovery of new species of freshwater sponges, their professors have been recognized with awards of merit, they’ve hosted numerous camps, events, fundraisers, career experiences and an All-School Reunion for the Northwest School of Agriculture, and much more, all throughout the summer during their “off time.”

    UMC also welcomed students from China, Xincheng Ziguan Middle School in Gaobeidian City of Hebei Province about two hours from Beijing to be exact, for a 21-day stay in July that included visits to local and regional attractions, helping complete a planter painting project, participating in a Downtown Crookston Development Partnership Party on the Patio event, and embarking on daily adventures in Crookston learning what it’s like to be an undergraduate student in the United States.

    Cheers to UMC for being the best university they can be and continuing to strive for more.

                                                  – Jess Bengtson, assistant editor