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New frontage road welcome, next, head across the street

The frontage road in front of McDonald's and the AmericInn along University Avenue on Crookston's north end is in the process of being reconstructed, and it's about time. The state-funded project had been delayed for a couple years but is finally happening, and it is much-needed, considering how beat up that stretch of road was. Next up on the needs list should be another nearby stretch of road that probably gets more use, the portion of Sahlstrom Drive behind Dairy Queen that turns onto Radisson Road that stretches up to the south side of Dairy Queen. It's in rough shape, even though it was patched heavily in the spring. Even though that project would have to be locally funded, it needs to get added to the City of Crookston’s street improvement plans.

Start spraying again

Looking back at the calendar, Thursday, July 12 (18 days ago) was the last time the City of Crookston sprayed for mosquitoes. Fast forward to this past Thursday, July 26 when there were three events downtown: Crookston’s Farmers Market/Marketplace, Crookston Fire Department Water Wars, and the Chamber’s Movies on the Square, making it the optimal week to spray beforehand (especially for the late-night outdoor movie goers.) Unfortunately, for the people that attended all three events or came for just the movie, the nasty little biters were everywhere. Isn’t there enough money in that budget to spray weekly to keep the pests at bay? Wasn’t there discussion at previous city council meetings about this exact subject and an unofficial agreement in place to spray weekly? In fact, in May 2018, the council talked about a similar schedule as last year to spray TWICE per week. Time to get on it.

Yes, yes, keep predicting the Vikings and Cousins will underperform

Granted, no so-called experts are predicting that the Minnesota Vikings are going to have a bad season. They possess one of the most talented rosters in the NFL, after all. But when it comes to fantasy football, many so-called experts are picking new Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins to be a "bust." In fantasy football, that means he's being drafted too high for what they predict will be a performance that doesn't meet expectations. On some level, this is good news for Vikings fans, because this team over the years has traditionally performed better when fan and expert expectations have been lower. When the team is supposed to be amazing, they often aren't. So keep lowering their stock everyone because this team is typically better when it flies under the radar. Again, with this roster, they are most definitely on the radar, but longtime fans know what we're getting at.

Stop throwing ‘witch hunt’ phrase around so casually
You don't have to be a scholar on the subject to know that the

famous Salem Witch Trials in the 17th Century were spurred by hysteria over false notions that people, most of them women, were practicing witchcraft, and that several people were executed or died in prison as a result. A "witch hunt" led to them being captured and killed. That's a serious, unfortunate thing, and yet so many people today, lately our nation's president on almost a daily basis, throw the term "witch hunt" around like a toddler tossing food off his high chair that he doesn't want to eat. Let's show some respect for a sad chapter from our past, shall we, by dropping the phrase "witch hunt" from our vernacular.

Do your research, then get out vote

Early voting has already begun, and the official primary voting day is August 14 in Minnesota. August 14 is the day when voters can go to the polls to choose which candidates from the pool of DFL and Republican party nominees will go on to run in the general election on November 6. Positions that are up for election this year include Governor, Lt. Governor, Minnesota Attorney General, U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, state representative, Secretary of State, and more. Whether you’re voting in the Democratic or Republican primary, take the time to do a little bit of research to look into the candidates and see who you’d want serving our state and our country. Pre-register online to vote, or register the day of the election. Increase your civic engagement, make use of your right to vote and head to the polls.                  
– Maddie Everett, intern