Crookston is very fortunate to be able to continue to fill lots around town with new houses.

    Crookston is very fortunate to be able to continue to fill lots around town with new houses. Recently a plan came out about the future growth of Crookston and clearly that growth is focused on the north end of town. When I was a younger version of myself, I remember snowmobiling on the farmland that is currently Evergreen Estates. The neighborhood is now full. Focus has been put on building on the land that is owned by Crookston Sports Center. Developing that area into housing stock.

​    I would like to present another option. What if the current softball complex becomes housing lots? What if a new starfish (5 diamonds) softball complex was built directly north of the CSC. Google it for a visual. Researching and following that how other similar sized cities moved sporting complexes to the outskirts of town and created housing stock out of the older fields. I am not re-inventing the wheel here by using “in-fill lots” for future houses.

​    It was not shocking to hear that the lots near the new apartment complex were not popular and didn’t sell. Imagine the snow, the wind and basically being on an island outside of town. If a loop was created where the current complex exists, I believe the lots would be extremely sellable. Who wouldn’t want to live next to a school, church, and splash park. Next to established neighborhoods, protection from wind and snow. I am not sure how many lots could be layed out on the land. The Crookston softball fields are wonderful, they do need some work but there isn’t any room to make the fields bigger, the layout is a bit goofy and the “hut” is outdated. Does Crookston need to build 5 new diamonds in one shot? No. I look at Moorhead and how they moved all of their diamonds to the Northside of town to Centennial Athletic Complex, it is a wonderful layout.         

This should be something that at the very least is looked at and discussed. Popularity of the area by the CSC could take off one day, but who wants to live on an island with no trees.