Maddie Everett, intern at the Crookston Times shared her thoughts in a recent “5 Things we want” commentary published July 9th.

Maddie Everett, intern at the Crookston Times shared her thoughts in a recent “5 Things we want” commentary published July 9th.

    While I heartily agree with Maddie’s first four points, the fifth point read like “talking point” campaign material from the Keith Ellison campaign.

    The message? Ellison is a great guy who just wants to help people. The Republicans campaigning for Attorney General, Doug Wardlow and Robert Lessard, are both great guys who want to help people as well.

    That leaves us with credible research on substance, beyond utopian talking points.

    Ellison is endorsed by Bernie Sanders. Both are socialists. A trendy thing to be within the Democratic Party.

    Do Millennials understand what socialism is?

    Socialism used to be a bad word, because everyone knew it meant; legalized theft. Fast forward a few years and it’s socially acceptable to call yourself a socialist. Criticizing socialism in 2018 risks marginalization, ridicule and a branding of Nazi by the political left.

    Discrediting socialism is low-hanging fruit if you know and understand history and current world affairs. Consolidating the arguments within the confines of a letter to the editor is difficult. It’s like compiling the best arguments against medical bloodletting.

    Bernie Sanders has single-handedly brought the term “democratic socialism” into the contemporary American political lexicon and shaken millions of Millennials out of their apathy towards politics.

    Sanders has convinced a great number of people that things have been going very badly for the great majority of people in the United States, for a very long time. His solution? America must embrace “democratic socialism.”

    Putting “democratic” in front of “socialism” doesn’t change the nature of the beast, except for 58 percent of Millennials. That’s what happens when Marx is the most assigned economist on American college campuses.

    From the United Soviet Socialist Republics to present day Venezuela, socialism has never worked.

    As a compassionate nation, we provide for the care and well-being of our fellow citizens in need through countless agencies (Lutheran and Catholic Social Services and the Salvation Army are only three examples), especially for our senior citizens. However, government control of that assistance and the distribution of those services is abysmal.

Social Security – 8 trillion in unfunded liabilities Medicare – 23 trillion in unfunded liabilities Medicaid – 35 trillion in unfunded liabilities War on Poverty – 22 trillion spent as of 2014. The poverty rate is about the same as it was when the WOP started Obamacare – a collapsing disaster under the weight of incredible cost and inefficiency Obama’s Stimulus – An 800 billion dollar redistribution project that cost 4 million dollars for every job “created” or “saved.”

    On the contrary, current “non-socialist” policies have created a robust economy and record employment; with historic lows in unemployment for women, Hispanics and African-Americans.

    The political left has historically failed to anticipate the results of its policies.

    Example: In taxing stock market trades as a source of revenue, the Sander’s plan to fund free college for all would result in a reduction of funding for the government. His taxation would cause fewer trades, more stock market volatility, and less college for all.

    Once you accept the premise that the government should have the power to seize people’s assets for the common good, it’s not a stretch to start calling for government regulation of speech. The war to end inequality goes hand in hand with the war on “hate speech.” The latter is an Orwellian term that includes all speech at odds with left-wing identity politics.

    Example: Pastors in Sweden can be jailed for professing thoughts and principles that are contrary to designated, secular criteria; think of it as a government redaction of the Bible.

    While that oppressive reality remains, the Scandinavian nations are pulling away from their failed dabbling in “democratic socialism“ and are returning to successful free markets within representative democracy. “Democratic Socialism” is the lipstick applied to something else.

    In listing what you “want”, be careful for what you wish for.