Communists, Socialists, and so-called "Progressives" are now each admittedly & officially a part of modern day liberalism, and all are cut from the same cloth.

Politico (Feb. 2017): "Poll finds majority of Democrats say socialism has positive impact."

    LA Times (Nov. 2017): "Gallup poll reports 58% of the millennials prefer socialism/communism/fascism over capitalist system."

    Washington Post (Feb. 2018): "The race to be the Democrat nominee for president in 2020, will be a race to the left."

    AP (April 2018): "A 2020 democrat agenda is emerging, and it is far-left."

    New York Times (June 2018): "28 year old, avowed Socialist, defeats 20-term incumbent; in the New York Democrat Congressional Primary."

    Communists, Socialists, and so-called "Progressives" are now each admittedly & officially a part of modern day liberalism, and all are cut from the same cloth.  In the United States, they have co-opted the DFL and refer to themselves as Democrats.  I sincerely doubt, however, JFK would recognize his own party today.  They view themselves as sophisticated and highly intelligent individuals, and believe that advancing their agenda, by any means possible, is virtuous.

    Modern day liberalism is nothing more than a re-branding of Marxism.  The old tried and true message of Marxism, simply stated, is: "Those who have money, the oppressors, gained it by trampling on those who don't, the oppressed."  What modern day liberalism (aka postmodernism and identity politics) has done so deceptively, is remove the economic aspect of the Marxist ideology, and replace it with a more fundamental idea of the oppressed and the oppressor.  "If you don't or can't succeed in life, regardless of effort, it is not your fault... you must have been oppressed!"  This re-branded Marxist ideology allows for an almost infinite number of ways for people to claim to be part of the oppressed class... democrat voters.  I think it's significant that the nearly universal themes of most religions, tell us life itself is oppressive.  God's word, teaches us the only proper way forward, is to take ownership of your suffering, and live your life through His grace and mercy; in a way that helps reduce the suffering.  This kind of sentiment makes people independent and divorced from the notion that blame for their horrible lives, lies external to themselves.  Religion, especially Christianity, is attacked because it is contrary to how modern liberals think solutions are found to life's problems.  More "government intervention" is always the answer to a liberal's troubles.

    This new collectivist party no longer wants to heal any problems.  They prefer picking at the scabs and reopening the wounds, just like President Obama did with race relations.  It's quite revealing, during all eight of the Obama years, if I disagreed with the president, I was a racist.  Now, if I AGREE with our current president, I am a racist.  You see, if the democrat power structure let anything heal, they themselves would be out of business.  They can only thrive through nurturing dysfunction, therefore it truly causes them great anguish to see America thrive.  They're like the caring quack-doctor who keeps diagnosing non-existent maladies, and tries to sign you up for ongoing never ending treatment$.

    Today's current Democrat party leaders see themselves as having a better & higher understanding of how government should work, as well as how it should rule over every aspect of our lives.  History tells them that their twisted ideology has never made any country a great nation, and has failed everywhere it is tried.  Yet, they still believe it is only because they themselves were not there to manage it, in the "proper" way.  They continue chasing their Utopian dream where everyone is economically equal but completely dependent on government, excluding of course the elite ruling class of which they plan to be a part of.  The truth is, they are not as bright as they think themselves to be, and their intellect pales in comparison to their arrogance.  The progressive left are masters of pushing their ideology over facts, and they will never be persuaded to accept reality as it actually is.  It is why they get so much wrong, and why most of their policies are always doomed to failure.

    Democrats have been and continue to be, lied to by some very convincing leaders for a very, very, long time; which is a hard pill for them to swallow.  It may take some people just a little longer than others, to finally accept the truth... hopefully before November 2018!

Jim Espeseth
Bagley, Minnesota