Just leave the Bible out of it.

    When you bring the Bible into a debate, no matter how controversial the issue, people on both sides of the issue are going to find passages in the Bible to support their point of view. So, therefore, it's a pointless tactic when it comes to making your case, and even more pointless if you’re trying to change the minds of anyone who disagrees with you.

    For years, we endured (and continue to endure) those who don't like gays or think the fate of all homosexuals is eternal damnation citing Bible verses that fit their narrative. Those who disagree with them didn't have to work very hard to find the Bible's more compassionate points of view that indicated a more accepting point of view was acceptable in the eyes of God. Inevitably, the-Bible-agrees-with-me-and-not-you give and take got down to just how literal the Bible is, or isn't. Because, if we’ve learned anything during this constant lobbing of Bible verses back and forth during passionate disagreements, it’s that if the Bible is to be taken as the absolute literal word of God to be abided by exactly, all day every day, then there’s some fairly nutty things in there, specifically when it comes to seemingly minor misdeeds that result in death as a punishment.

    But late last week, well, it took the cake. Forget individual Bible verses, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, backed up by White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders, basically said that the Bible is in favor of enforcing the law, so it's morally right, according to the Bible, to snatch kids from their parents when they're caught trying to cross the border illegally into the United States and put them in child detention camps indefinitely. Illegal immigration is in violation of the law, of course - it's called illegal immigration, after all - Sessions and Huckabee Sanders said, and the Bible says the law must be enforced. And with the Trump administration ramping up and otherwise intensifying immigration laws and the intensity with which they are enforced – it’s “zero tolerance,” they say – well, then there really is no alternative to taking children from their parents. There’s no wiggle room. Forget all those Bible verses basically saying children are the most precious creation of all, we apparently are to believe, this is all about upholding moral law.

    Some prominent Republicans in Congress are quite uneasy with this whole ripping-children-from-mom-and-dad-and-indefinitely-locking-them-up thing, but that doesn’t offer much hope to those who are fighting to end this policy. Trump owns the Republicans who run Congress, because the Republican Party as we all once knew it is now Trump’s Republican Party, and there’s a Grand Canyon-sized gap between the two.

    Maybe, instead, we should implement the famous “What would Jesus do?” inquiry in this case. If you think Jesus would stand there and watch these poor moms and dads get forcefully separated from their children and locked up with no assurances as to when they’ll see each other again, and conclude, “The greatest nation in the world, the United States of America, is simply upholding moral law,” well...you’re wrong.