5 Things we want to see happen

Yes, spray, even if it’s just for the sake of spraying

The Crookston City Council's Ways & Means Committee this evening, Monday, will get some information on how the mosquito-spraying program works. Specifically, they'll get a little history lesson on how decisions are made on when to spray, and not to spray. That's all great that everyone is going to get up to speed on the City's Pest Control Program, but what most of this comes down to is the program is sitting on a comfortable amount of money, Crookston has received a fair amount of rain lately, so the mosquitoes are going to be hatching in big numbers, and if the City wants to win the public relations battle, a consistent, frequent spraying schedule needs to commence. Let's be honest, no one knows how many mosquitoes the City's spraying actually kills, but this is about making it look like you're putting in a real effort.

Take your kids, grandkids to two summer food programs

Eat United Summer Food Program starts this week at the Lions Shelter at Highland Complex and, new this year, Wildwood Park for kids ages 0-18. Tri-Valley offers free transportation to both locations by calling 281-0700 for the route. Also, Tri-Valley’s Summer Food Service Program at the Crookston Head Start building at 1407 Erskine Street is open through August 24 for both breakfast and lunch for kids ages 0-18. For more info on this program, call 281-0547. There’s no shortage of summer food programs in Crookston, no matter where you live, and great partnerships with Tri-Valley Opportunity Council, Inc., United Way of Crookston, USDA, and Crookston Public Schools have assisted in making them happen.

It’s gone as of today, but let’s hope Net Neutrality returns soon

Protection of the open internet ends today, June 11, as a result of a vote by the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.) that defied the public’s wishes and repealed Net Neutrality in December 2017. The decision repealed the Obama-era Open Internet Order, which protected the open, free internet from mega companies. Without these protections, there are no rules preventing blocking of lawful online content and no rules preventing paid prioritization, which means that major Internet providers can value and promote some websites and services over others. Instead of an open, equal internet, service providers now have the capability to censor or slow down some online content, or boost others. Large Internet companies can charge websites and services a fee to reach their Internet users faster, isolating small businesses. Despite these apocalyptic predictions of the future of the internet, all is not lost. As a result of the unpopular decision, legislators in 29 states are introducing bills that will help to protect Net Neutrality. In Minnesota, a pending bill would prohibit certain activities by Internet service providers serving Minnesota customers. Let’s hope that soon we may see the return of Net Neutrality.
– Maddie Everett, intern

U.S. the greatest? Certainly not at soccer

Soccer's World Cup is upon us. Did you know that? Assuming you did know that, do you care? It's billed as the "biggest sporting event in the world," and yet the United State's men's team didn't even qualify for the tournament, being done in way back when by a team from Trinidad and Tobago. Absolutely, soccer is an almost artistic sport, and the endurance and stamina and skill required sometimes boggle the mind. So, while keeping all of that good stuff in mind, it's noteworthy how much of our narrative these days has to do with "America first" and being the best at everything on the planet, and yet when it comes to the so-called biggest sporting event on the globe, we're not even there.

Join in on the Summer Library Experience

Summer fun at the Crookston Public Library begins Wednesday with the first Summer Library Experience event “Explore the World of Bugs.” Kids and teens can bet up close and personal with a variety of bugs, and learn from NDSU Entomologist Don Carey. Next week, local artist Trey Everett will share tips and techniques for doodling. All Wednesday events are free, thanks to Friends of the Crookston Public Library, Crookston Alliance for Literacy and Learning, Hardware Hank of Crookston, and United Way of Crookston, and start at 2 p.m. Stay tuned for more events every Wednesday this summer for the whole family.