Cheers to all of the great things happening at the library, thanks to an Otto Bremer Trust grant

The Crookston Public Library is making some exciting changes this summer- cheers to the library! An Otto Bremer Trust grant is making possible extensive renovations to revamp the library. With renovations including new lights and light fixtures, furniture, and carpet, the library is getting a well deserved makeover.

The Crookston Public Library is paramount to the Crookston community, offering a reading pro- gram for kids in the summer, classes and presentations throughout the year, story time sessions, and movie days. Wi-fi and computers are free to use, and printers are available for a small fee. During the day, the ambiance of the space makes it the perfect place to study, but at night, it can become a completely different place, as the library has even hosted a murder mystery party. Despite all the incredible programs and amenities that the library has, the pinnacle of the library is simply the books and resources available to the public. The library is imperative to the Crookston community, and the renovations will be appreciated and used.

– Maddie Everett, summer intern

Jeers to people who trespass on Crookston’s levees, which are private property

A Woods Addition property owner who lost a big portion of his yard when the certified levee system was built in that neighborhood asked the Crookston City Council last week to make a more substantial effort to keep people from trespassing on the levee in his yard, which is his property. He suggested possibly putting up more and larger signs reminding people to stay off private property, and council members and City leaders said they’d look into anything that they might be able to do.

It’s not just people walking their dogs or taking a leisurely stroll on the tops of the levees, which seems innocent enough but still involves walking across someone else’s private property. In the Woods Addition property owner’s case, he said people in the neighborhood with ATVs ride across his property on a regular basis, usually after work and on the weekends, to ride on the wet side of the dike. Boy, that must be fun, huh? You already have a much smaller yard thanks to the levee proj- ect – which was obviously needed – and you get to see and hear ATVs going across your property all the time as they seek adventure down by the Red Lake River.

Some people probably just don’t get it, while others are probably being willfully ignorant. While the City has an easement on the levees in case any repair work needs to be done, the levees in people’s backyards are most definitely their property. How would you like it if you had people frequently strolling across your property while you’re sitting on your deck or doing the dishes in the kitchen?

Be polite. Be respectful. Stay off the tops of the levees. It’s not your property.

– Mike Christopherson