The Times' Newsroom staff weigh in with their top five things of the week.

Put your blue recycling bins out this week

If this sounds like a broken record or is giving you a sense of deja vu, bear with us. This is another alert about the City of Crookston's recent decision to collect recyclables in the blue bins at curbsides twice a month instead of once a month. They're going to do it on your garbage day during the first week of the month and the third week of the month. Technically, for some people, that would have meant their second collection would have been last week, but, apparently, during this first month, this is the week they're going to come around again because the first week of May only would have featured a couple pick-up days. So get your bins out. They're giving this a try for six months, and if people don't take advantage, the City might go back to once a month pick-up.

Some compromise in St. Paul? That’s asking the impossible

Well, they've done it again. Our legislators and governor didn't get the job done in a mature, responsible fashion. They spent weeks and weeks bickering about this and that when they could have been working on meaningful, needed legislation, and the clock ticked down to the end with many important bills undone. So the Republicans with the majority in the House and Senate just passed a bunch of bills and sent them in rapid fashion to DFL Gov. Mark Dayton, hoping he'd sign them even though they knew he'd veto a whole bunch of them. So now we're all in limbo, waiting to see what Dayton will sign and what he'll veto. And then there will be talk of a special session, even though Dayton previously vowed not to call one. In the end, there's a very real chance that lots of important bills simply won't be signed into law. These people aren't up to the task.

Sign up for text coupons for stores and restaurants

Each week, random texts get sent out to people’s cell phones for virtual coupons for stores and restaurants. Officially, it’s called SMS Marketing and there are plenty of benefits for stores/restaurants to jump on the bandwagon such as instant deliverability, instant opt-in and opt-out for consumers, higher open rates as compared to emails, short messages, environmentally-friendly, and the “cool factor.” The people that receive the texts benefit, too, from getting free sandwiches, free drinks, discounted clothes, percentage off purchases, and special deals only for subscribers. If you haven’t signed up for text communication with your favorite stores and restaurants, do it now. You’ll save money and they’ll increase their traffic. It’s a win-win.

Get your oranges and grape jelly out now

It's not on the level of the insane irruption of the black and orange birds during the spring migration a few years ago, but there are a lot of Baltimore orioles coming through this area this spring, and they absolutely love to devour oranges and grape jelly. They typically don't hang around very long, so if you'd like to see some pretty birds who sing some pretty songs, and eat oranges and grape jelly as fast as you can put it out for them, put out some of their favorite treats today and enjoy the show.

To Pirate seniors in spring sports, thanks for the memories

From the football games under the lights over to the soccer fields, then to the gym for volleyball, wrestling, basketball and dance, around to the ice rink for hockey and skating, up to the baseball fields and softball diamonds, down to the tennis courts, back to the track, outside for trap, and on the green for golf, thank you Crookston Pirate seniors for the years of memories. Some of you have been playing your entire high school careers and some are trying a new sport this year. Your parents, grandparents, siblings and friends have enjoyed watching you and (most) wish they could do it all over again. Through the tough losses to the jumping-up-and-down wins, we’ve loved it all. Thank you for being dedicated athletes and being the best Pirate you can be.