Cheers to the unique ‘true team’ format, and for the Pirate girls’ track and field team for being so good at it

    Minnesota is the only state in the country that runs a true team track and field meet. A true team meet focuses on a school’s depth and overall performance rather than just a few gifted individuals. In the other 49 states, to qualify for state in track and field, one must do it alone. With multiple levels to go through and tough competition, qualifying for state in track and field can prove to be quite difficult.

    In this unique meet, each school in the section can enter two athletes in each individual event and one group for relays. A certain amount of strategy is required as each placing earns points for the entire team. Some coaches even mix around their lineup and put runners, jumpers and throwers in events they would not normally compete in. A kid may be running in an event in the true team they will  not be running in for the individual section meet.

    On Tuesday, May 8, the Crookston Pirates Girls’ Track and Field team won their Section True Team Meet sending 18 girls to the state competition. While some of those 18 will also qualify for the individual state meet, the true team gives each one of them an opportunity to perform at the biggest stage in high school sports.

    When considering high school sports, most teams comprised of individuals have a team and an individual competition such as wrestling and tennis. Hopefully other states go on to copy Minnesota.
– Nolan Beilstein, sports editor

Jeers to illogical reasoning behind not wearing a seat belt

    In the amount of time it takes to sneeze you could’ve put your sea tbelt on. It literally takes one second to do something that could easily save your life.

    The reasoning given by many behind not wearing a seat belt is because they either forget or that they are good drivers and don’t need to wear one. Well, stop being lazy and make it a habit and if you say you’re a good driver, understand that not everybody else it and they’re called car ‘accidents’ for a reason.

    Seat belts prevent many injuries and deaths in accidents that happen because of a mistake you made or because of something that you could’ve never seen coming.

    Wearing a seat belt as a passenger is just as important as it is for the driver. You’re putting your life in someone else’s hands and trusting them with your life.  

    Jeers to all of the people who don’t wear seat belts because of illogical reasoning that could cost you your own life.

    Wear a seat belt, it’s so simple.– Ally Tiedemann, student writer