I shouldn’t be, but I am astounded and so frustrated that we continue to see the same thing out of our State’s bureaucracy and regulators. Farmers, county leaders, job creators and so many others from “our part of the world” have expressed our strongest support for the Enbridge Line 3 Replacement.  Even the Judge who over saw the public hearings agreed there is a need.  Almost all of the landowners along the proposed route have agreed and so many of them are excited for the replacement of the Line.  Yet the Judge, while finding need, ruled that this is only the case if built down the existing route where two of the largest Native American Tribes have firmly said they will not allow it.

    The Governor’s Department of Commerce has disagreed with the Judge on the need for this project.  Now the Governor has disagreed with the Judge on the issue of route saying in no uncertain terms that there is “no viable way” to replace Line 3 down the existing route.  Is it any wonder why farmers, along with our neighbors here outside of the 612/651 area code feel like we aren’t being heard?  ‘We need to build this, but only down the existing route, for which there is no viable way to build it.’  So local governments and farmers are forced to wait.  Our crops sit in elevators because the petroleum is going to flow on Trains if pipelines are not permitted.  And gas prices rise for farmers and all consumers when awesome sources of North American petroleum are made more difficult to move.

    The state needs to quit playing games.  The citizens want Line 3 replaced, and we want our regulatory process to work for the people not against us.  Enough is enough.

Dustin Perry