Yes, keep two clean-up weeks on our yearly calendar
A couple weeks ago, amid a discussion at a Crookston City Council meeting, council member Bob Quanrud asked why in the world the City needed to offer two clean-up weeks a year to its residents. Wouldn't one be enough, Quanrud wondered, adding that it didn't seem possible that people would be able to accumulate so much junk that it would need to be placed by their curb to be picked up. Well, it's Spring Clean-Up Week, and cruising around town, it's apparent that many Crookston residents participate in and appreciate both clean-up weeks. So let's keep both.

Check out Senior Day at the CSC on Tuesday
If you’ve never been to the Senior Wellness Day at the Crookston Sports Center and you’re a senior (age 55 and up), you’re missing out on a pretty fun and educational time. Lucky for you, this Tuesday, April 24, they will hold their 7th Annual event from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., again, at the CSC. There will be speakers speaking on numerous topics, informational tables and volunteer sign-up opportunities like Tri-Valley’s Foster Grandparent program, plus, what some say is the best part of all, a FREE lunch. You can’t beat it, so head on over Tuesday.

Spring sports teams can finally play, but May is going to be crazy for them
Spring is finally here, May is quickly approaching, and spring sports will be getting busy. The long winter caused many postponed activities for the Pirates Spring Sports. As the sun is finally shining and all the snow is melting, it’s time for the sports to kick it into gear. Some sports teams have been able to play inside such as boys tennis and both boys and girls track. However, baseball, softball, and boys and girls golf will be pushing to get everything made up in the few short weeks of May. With everything that happens in the spring such as graduation, prom, spring cleaning, and everything else that comes with the season, the Spring sports season seems to last about three weeks. This season everything will be crunched into some very busy weeks for the athletes. As the Pirate activities will be kicking it into gear, they only hope to get everything made up.
– Ally Tiedemann, student writer

Help the Crookston Library reach its goal
The Crookston Library is seeking community support in raising enough money by May 1 to meet the dollar-for-dollar match requirements by the Otto Bremer Trust grant they received. The funds will be used to improve the library’s facility, furniture, and equipment. They’re planning for new carpet, lighting, furniture, fixtures, and an over-haul of their bathrooms. Wouldn’t it be super if we could all pitch in and make sure this happens? It’s currently one of the only places we could consider a community center, too. Donations can be made at the Crookston Public Library or online at

Enough with all of this!
We get the world we deserve, or at least the world that is created for us to marinate in. Ex-NFL kicker Jay Feely posted on social media a posed photo of him and his daughter and her prom date all dressed up, and he wished them a lovely evening. He was also holding a handgun, pointed at the ground, and added #badboys, in reference to a previous movie scene that featured a scene similar to the one depicted in his photo. And people were offended, horrified even. And people were offended and horrified that other people were offended and horrified. And then people were offended and horrified that people were offended and horrified that people were offended and horrified. And then people were...oh, you get it by now. It's a social media free-for-all and some people think it's amazing and necessary and democracy at its best. But, on the other hand, it's all just pathetic and depressing.