How about a Republican capital investment proposal?

We're well into April now, many weeks removed from Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton releasing his capital investment/bonding proposal to be considered by legislators during the 2018 session. Although members of the Senate and House Capital Investment committees have toured the state to check out potential bonding projects, including making stops in Crookston, the Republicans leading both legislative chambers have yet to release their initial proposal. We're approaching a month before the session is supposed to adjourn, so it's high time the Republicans can something out there.

Keep your heads up, Pirate baseball players

Everyone knows that spring has yet to show its beautiful face for our neck of the woods and Pirate spring athletes are most likely chomping at the bit to get outdoors for a game or three. Varsity Baseball players, specifically, have missed five games so far because of the frigid temps and they might miss more if we don’t get a quick warm-up. According to local meteorologists, it may happen at the end of this week and into next week. Baseballers are scheduled for two away games this week in Park Rapids and a make-up in Frazee. Keep your heads up, boys. It may just happen.

Prep your kids for Prom and Blast to Bede

Next weekend, Crookston High School juniors and seniors will line up with their dates/friends all dressed in their best ready to walk onstage for Grand March and then they’ll dance the night away at Prom. Following Prom, most students, who either attended Prom or didn’t, will head to the University of Minnesota Crookston’s Bede Ballroom for a late night of fun, games, entertainment, and, of course, lots of food. If you’re a volunteer or chaperone at either event, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what your kids are up to but if you’re not - here are a few helpful items (not necessarily in any order of importance) to discuss with your children before they head out the door. 1. Don’t text and drive. 2. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. That might sound like a give-in, but students might be tempted by others to try them even for the first time. Honestly, kids, they’re more trouble than they’re worth. Just say NO! 3. Be courteous of your date, your friends, and other students around you. Have a good time, don’t ditch your date to hang out with your friends, and don’t encourage judgmental discussions about what everyone else is wearing. Even if two people are wearing the same thing. 4. Don’t be embarrassed when your parents want to take a million pictures. And if they want to take one with you, let them. 5. Be safe. Drive safe, act safe, and don’t do anything that will jeopardize your time at school. Seniors: You’re THIS close to graduating. Remember that.

We can’t help writing about it, the improving weather

We instituted an unwritten rule in the Times newsroom a few years ago, that in this space every Monday, no one was allowed to write one of the "5 Things" about the weather. It was simply too easy of a topic, we concluded. Well, considering the enormous bullet we dodged in the form of the blizzard that buried southern Minnesota, and considering that next week is Spring Clean-Up Week in Crookston, and considering that our Pirate spring sports teams need to finally catch a break from Mother Nature, and considering that the walleye opener is fast approaching, and considering that it’s almost reception and graduation season, this paragraph is indeed about the weather, rules be damned. The thermometer is supposed to hit 50 this week, finally, and let's keep it going. After all, we start losing sunlight in a little more than two short months.  

Three more wins for the Minnesota Wild over the Jets

The Minnesota Wild need to win the next three games of their series. On Sunday night the Wild played game three of the playoff series against the Winnipeg Jets.  After losing the first two games of the series in Winnipeg, Minnesota is home for the next two games. Both the Wild and Jets have great home records and this series will definitely be a good one. The Wild won last night’s game three 6-2. The Wild are now 1-2 on the series. Game four will happen on Tuesday, April 17 at 7:00 pm at the Xcel Energy Center where the Wild hope to tie the series 2-2. The Minnesota Wild, and all of the fans are praying to keep the home record rolling with two more home wins and an away win between to close the series.

– Ally Tiedemann, student writer