Are you trying to sell damaged goods to the public as a good idea? Sounds that way.

    I read about naming the area south of 6th street in the Crookston Daily Times paper.

    Granted, the area needs a name if it is going to be a park, but to call it ‘Landslide Park’ is not the way to go. If that name stays what is next? Are you going to rename other areas according to whatever disaster befalls that area? i.e. Central Park renamed ‘Flood Park’ due to it being flooded almost every year, renaming Riverside Avenue to ‘Wash Aways Street’ due to the land shifting/sliding on the south side of the street into the river?

    If you were visiting someone in Crookston, or just passing through, would you want to got to a park called ‘Landslide Park’ knowing that the park was named for a natural disaster where the land washed away and might again while you were there? Yes, it might not happen again for many years, or it might surprise everyone san split away at the middle of 6th street this summer, due to the flow of traffic on the south side of the street, changing a 4-land strew into a 2-lane street.

James A. Urdahl